Methosarb (calusterone)

Methosarb (calusterone)

Androgenic 20
Anabolic no data available
Chemical Names
17bes-Hydroxy-7beta, 17-dimetylandiros-4-en-3-one
Estrogenic Activity no data available
Progestational Activity no data available

Calusterone is an oral androgen structurally related to methyltestosterone. It differs only by the addition of a methyl group at C-7 beta, which studies have shown eliminates considerably reduces steroid (anabolic/androgenic) activity. The drug was developed as a less-toxic alternative to other androgens used for breast cancer, such as testosterone propionate and fluoxymesterone, which tend to induce strong virilizing side effects in women. What was produced was a steroid with minimal anabolic effect and low to moderate androgenic activity, far removed from its 7-alpha isomer cousin (bolasterone) in overall appearance. Although technically an androgen with some inherent value as such, calusterone has never been popular with athletes, and likely has very little to offer when compared with numerous other commercial anabolic agents.


Well I don’t like 3 things, saying no data available, that’s kinda shitty, also a less toxic androgen, as in halo for breast cancer? I didn’t know they used halo for stuff like that??

They don’t anymore this is for women that’s why its toned down so much to try and prevent sides.

Could you imagine giving a breast cancer patient HALO that’s crazy to me

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I know right

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