Mgt promo review with blood

***Has the product been used? Yes

For how long? 21 days

*Brief description of review
I was one of the 5 chosen for the aqua promo. First week started at 4 units noticed I was getting some redness and a small knot at the injection site. Was given sub q in the belly. So I switched to intramuscular in the quads and this went aways… contact mgt and said I did recieve the defected batch which they did give a warning on the site about . 2nd week I bumped up to 6 units. Noticed a little tingling in the hands nothing I couldn’t handle . By week three the tingling did subside.

*Communication & Ordering process
Communication was great. Keep me updated and supplied tracking number

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Packaging is truley top notch. 2nd to none
Delivery well it was shipped during the holidays and took about 5 weeks. This is something these guys have no control over. I can say they shipped it within 3 days and it did arrive…
Items ordered

*Product effectivenes and experience
I cant really tell you the effectiveness because this is my first time running gh period. I did reorder and I am running some generics now until I recieve my shipment. I’m not one that can honestly give a review on this but I do have blood work so u be the judge of this one.

*Additional commentary
These guys have answered and questions I have ask quickly. And it does seem like they are trying to put out a top notch product at a low cost.
*Rate with 1-10
**Communication -**9
**Payment processing -**9
**Order processing-**9
**Delivery -**8
**Shipping packaging-**10
**Product packaging-**10
Product effectiveness -

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
Yes I honestly would


When you say units what do you mean? Yo we’re on 6iu? If so how long before this test had you been on 6iu daily. If on 21 days I’m guessing 14?

How many ius you were on and for how long is needed to judge your numbers.

I switched to 6iu 3 days before test. Day of test I did 5 iu 3 hours before test

So other than those 3 days at 6iu you had been on 3iu?

Guy one thi gs I do want to mention I was on antibiotics 7 days before testing g i went head and did the test because it was part of the promo and I did t have a cough of the mgts products to wait till I was off the antibiotic so this may have had and effect of the number I dont know.

4 iu … 2 iu am 2iu pm

I will ask the question is the number where they should be???

Technically you should pin 10iu before testing that’s usually standard.

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Units is iu bro. You should know this lol

In my opinion anything non pharmacy over 300 is damn good. I love their products. My test got messed up some how even my test levels so have to figure out what they messed up. I go Friday for my follow up.

I pinned 5 units because that is the numbers mgt told me to pin…

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Ideally the number you want to see for igf is 100iu per iu. That’s the general standard. My last generic I was on 3.33iu and it cals back at 359, on 2.25 Pharma I was 299. So that’s just something to compare. People can react different but that is the general guideline most go by. And as @phd said he gh serum test you’d pin 10iu 3 hours before but the igf is the gold standard and better to have than gh serum. So not a huge deal there, is much rather see an igf after someone has been on a few weeks than gh serum. Other stuff can cause a high gh serum. I have seen high serums the when igf is down their number is shit.

Imo the number could be a little higher towards 400 since you were on 4iu base diff the general guideline when testing, but 300 iu is still a decent number.

Would antibiotics have any effect of the number. Seems like all the side effects from the gh went away went I start them… no hand numbness and zero tingling in the hands and crap…

Unless I’m confused on what you’re talking about I’ve never seen any numbers that high not even pharmacy. Again I could be thinking of something different maybe @Bigmurph could chime in. But don’t hold me to this lol

I’ve seen igf numbers up in the 500s before it may have even been 600. Id have to do digging but they were posted by someone on pro m.

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I’ve seen stuff when researching antibiotics affects on test where people claim they can affect test numbers but I honestly have no clue about gh.

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The way I know to test hgh igf is by getting a baseline test than for 5 days straight inject the same protocol after 5 days your igf should have reached its peak then you can compare to baseline or just go off the numbers that you got from results.

The numbers that you want to see are between 250-500+ but it depends on how many iu you are running

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The 309 isn’t great but 309 isn’t horrible unless his baseline is really high.
Also I don’t understand what his dose is 6iu 3iu 2iu mourning 2iu night im seeing dosing all over.
I don’t know what to say about this test but thanks for having it done. Thanks for writing a review


Yeah I know I’ve seen tests with guys 500+ runnin higher doses.

I also wanna say I saw someone say that igf over a certain amount (maybe it was 600) can actually start to have negative side effects? That person may have been crazy tho idk. Ever heard that? I feel like he said mid 400 is like the sweet spot. I forgot what he said about over 600 tho something to do with cells.

I can imagine that its probably just like taking igf1lr3 at a certain dose that’s high enough your organs and everything basically start to grow possibly that’s what he was talking about but I truly don’t know everything about hgh ive only run low dose 2iu at night that’s it. I wish I could help more.

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