Mgt promo review with blood

Let me clarify the dose. Started on with 2 iu am 2 PM then I went to 4iu am 2 pm 6 units a day… the day of the test I did what the mgt rep told me to do 3 hours before test I did 5 units… shit

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It’s okay bro. Don’t feel bad. You still did the test and numbers came back pretty good. Just for future reference when testing anything if you’re wanting true numbers to prove something you wanna keep stuff consistent to remove any doubt or skews.

Keep it consistent ??? Everyday I did 2unit morning 2 at night a few days before the test I went to 4 unit morning 2 at night… I am still on 4 units morning 2 at night just from a differnt source now… cant get more consistent then that if you ask me… …

Hello sir ! First, thank you for testing.
About your question - disease and antibiotics can affect on IGF level and decrease IGF.
Your IGF level not the best you can have from 4 IU, but not the worst. It’s very individual especially in your situation with desease.
My advice for you is to make new blood (if you want for yourself ofc) after you recover and cancellation of antibiotics. If you don’t use any other compount which is toxic to your liver your liver will be OK in a 2-3 weeks after you recover.

And once again thank you for testing ! HGH stimulates the immune system so it will help you to recover :slight_smile:


About GH serum this test is usable only to see presence of HGH inside the product. That’s all

For those who interested we made kind of “test” in Russia 1 year ago. Conditions is next:
Some guys in a 1 place did 5iu injection 2 hour before blood drawn. Same product, same batch, same laboratory but different “organisms”. Than we made GH serum test. Here is results:

You can see here veeeeery deffierent GH serum level in same conditions for all testers.
I also can add video from this event as proof that it’s real but idk how to do it


So all these people took the same gh at the same dose then tested and got all these different results?
That’s amazing and very interesting if that’s what is being shown.

If you would like you cra add a video exactly like adding a picture the only difference is that some videos are just too big of a file to add so if you really wanted to post it you can break the video down into sections so its multiple smaller files. I honestly don’t know the max file size. @TrenGod do you know what the max file size for a video is.
Thanks @OneQ
Thanks @TrenGod

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That’s correct.
I have youtube link. Hope it will work. It’s in russina language so I think you will understand nothing :slight_smile: just as proof


That’s great lol I can only imagine how much the lunch bill must have been with that many bodybuilders eating.
The clinic must have been so happy to have that many tests in one day.
Great video awesome post brother

Do I see a 1.1 for GH results? What was the range? & did you pin Sub-Q or intramuscular?

Yes 1.1. Range was 0-10… i pin intramuscular… I know everyone said to pin 10 iu… I pinned 5 because that was what I was instructed to do… just to see if the antibiotics do have an impact I plan on doing another igf test in the future . I can tell you that I do honestly believe the antibiotics did have some kind of affect because once I started them all sides went away and now that i am off the sides are back… the reason i didnt wait till i was off the antibiotic before testing was because i didnt have enough of the gh from mgt to wait. I have reordered a few kits and plan on retesting just to see for myself… but again I can say that I have been of the antibiotic for 4 days and the carpaltunnel like symptoms are back already…

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Testing on 5iu is fine, should show results around 15 on blood work

Nope, GH serum is not stable analysis. You will never know what this test will show you
That’s why I’ve post here our little research based on practice :slight_smile:


That really opened my eyes I had no idea that gh serum was all over the place with results

I ordered a few kits of the powder gh and plan on running bloods… will post results when I do it… prob be sometime in Feb… since being of the mgt gh I have been on alpha omega’s gh at 7 iu a day 4 soon as I wake up 3 after i work out. Will may end up getting blooda before I switch back to mgt. I have a couple kits left but at 7 iu it goes quick…

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You ordered the new oneq powder version?

I heard its really good I haven’t seen testing yet so I would love to see you test.

Just a suggestion you can do it anyway you want of course but if you can for 5 days straight inj 5iu then on the 5th day test or 6th day if you inj at night before.

@OneQ what is your opinion on the best way to run a igf levels test with hgh?
Do you think that the 5 day 5iu inj then test is the best way or do you know a better way?
Thanks @OneQ and @Dmsmith

If I can handle the sides in plan on running 7 iu everyday for at least 6 months…

Damn I couldn’t run 7iu I would never be able to feel my hands or grip anything lol

Getting good results for IGF but very low GH on the blood test seems to show that the supposedly GH used was mostly IGF maybe mixed with some GH? But results shouldn’t show GH that low 3 hours after pinning 5iu… To be sure another blood test would confirm it

Check this out and the video is good also