Mitagating that PIA PIP

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What do you guys do to help with PIP?
For whatever reason my tren ace is giving me one hell of a pip lately.
It didn’t when i first started, but now it feels like a charlie horse, no matter where I pin…

I’ve tried a hot shower and massaging the area, doesn’t seem to work.
The oil is warmed before and I’m almost pinning in different areas…

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Are you mix with another compound ? Test, mast or something ? I never had a pip after tren but after dhb uuuuu dont touch any more :slight_smile:

How long needles do you use ?


I’m mixing my tren ace with mast p…
BUT I also mix my mast p with my test prop, and I only have a slight PIP…
The tren ace seems to the worst of it, but what’s odd is it didn’t start that way.
I felt virtually nothing.

Try to get away from mixing them up when you mix different vials you can end up with higher amounts of ba in the syringe causing pip.


Get different tren.


sheeeit, that would make 3 different pins. lol
I could do 2cc with test prop and mast prop and do the tren by itself…

I just know that I had this exact issue on a cycle I was mixing test e and npp and I was getting horrible pip. The inj days that were just npp or testosterone were fine and I have mixed many different compounds before but one brand with another that time around was giving me issues.

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While it takes a bit more time to push. I get little or no pip using a 25g 1” needle. Seems like when I do any prop or Ace products I am more prone to pip. This could because I am forced to slow down the injection and smaller needle. Or it could be in my head. But works better for me.

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Yeah, I use 25g 1" as well…

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I use 25g as the smallest 1 inch and 1.5. I also use a 28g 5/8 for arms. I use to heat my oil in a heating pad for about 2 min before injecting, but that was in virgin muscles. I pin 12 spots. 2 a day. When doing short esters it helps to spread it out. I’d do separate shots instead of trying to mix. You get use to the shots after about the 2nd week. Except biceps they always suck.

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However, money is a issue sometimes, so easier said then done…

You might just not respond well to Tren A. Take a couple ibuprofen and put a heating pad on it to disperse the oil. This can also be source related as well. If the ibuprofen and heat pad don’t help and it’s really unbearable just drop it all together.


Just go workout afterwards that’s how I do it when it’s bad sore.


I have my wife sit on a heating pad and massage the area with a racquet ball to help break up inflammation… EVERYTHING gives her PIP


Ha ha that sucks

I use to warm the tren a up and got horrible pip a buddy told me to try and not warm the tren ace up and pin. I noticed the pup was reduced a lot. Took longer to pin but it reduced The pip for me.


That’s interesting I wonder if the heat was actually causing the compound to start to separate?

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