Mixed Test E with Decca & it ended up being Cloudy?

Mixed Test E with Decca & it quickly turned very cloudy… tossed it away & mixed a new dose with same cloudy results? Anyone know what’s a possible reason for that, & if its still gtg without causing crippling pip?

Also the Test E is in Sunflower oil & Decca I think in MCT if that helps

Thanks for any feedback!

probably just the darker oil diluting the clear

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If it wasn’t cloudy to begin with I’d say you probably shouldn’t have thrown it away, it’s fine.

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Nobody’s going to be able to answer if it’s gonna give you crippling pip, you can’t determine that prior…

I would just leave them separate, I’d rather do 2 pins than waste gear. I’m sure the reason it’s clouding up isn’t something crazy or dangerous, but if it makes you uncomfortable I wouldn’t ref do it.

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Are you getting PIP? I would start buying TestC. Some people will get pip more often with E than C. But for me personally? Never got PIP from stacking Deca and test. That is one of my favorite stacks. And on the cloudy issue. Seems like maybe two different oils and it’s a color thing. Not a cloudy thing. But you got to be comfortable with it. Me. I’d jam it and slam it. :joy:. Especially if you have injected both of these solo with no issues. I am all about pinning less if possible.


@John I remember this happend years ago but it was caused my some water or alchol mixing in, can’t remember exactly so I thought that was the case this time until I mixed a new one which also ended up cloudy

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@TBU I usually don’t get pip, also this Test E is actually my first time using it, so maybe that’s just how it looks when mixed with diffrent oil, i’ll go ahead & pin the mix anyways lol I was mainly curious on what caused that.

Thanks for all your feedbacks!


Well you live and learn to guess, this is a great place to learn and ask questions, just like you did @MuscleGod

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So yesterday when getting ready to pin, I took a closer look in front of a bright light & I saw a lot of debris floating around… what the hell could that be? doesn’t look like normal crashing if that’s what it is?

Did you get that from one of our sponsors?

It could be pieces of the rubber stopper, how many times have you poked it and with what gauge?

Is that your needle? Pic looks weird

Its the syringe, & its a new vial so it had its first poke with a 23g
Also both vials were clear before the mix, its very strange how they turn up after mixed, even after being heated up for 30 mins.
@McSwickles yes one of the sponsors here but I wouldn’t blame them because the vials were fine before mixing them lol

I’m sure both of these are a yes, but you use a new syringe each time, and a new needle to draw up each time?

We are two of the same! Hahaha push that shit in!

I’d use it, was that syringe in the packaging before use? Just curious as the lettering is faded and looks like it may have been scraped a bit?
My syringes are always in their individual package and I don’t open till use.

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That looks funky to me. Are these new barrels? I’m pretty picky on particles floating around. I am not a fan of floaters in my oils. Freaks me out a bit. Could be nothing but I’m not a fan.


I agree @TBU could be nothing, but I’m with you, and wouldn’t pin with the particules in it… the cloudiness from him mixing it is one thing, but particles,nope.

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