Moderately lactose intolerant...silent but deadly farts

So over time as I got older in my mid to late 20s I somehow began to have issues with lactose intolerance…mainly milk. I believe it’s one of those things where I always had it but it became more symptomatic as I got older. I used to down milk when I was really young with no problems. I’ve seen lactose free milk products at the store so may try that. In addition this may be related to my overall diet, but I’ve been clearing out rooms like never before! Also bowel movements are occasionally more liquid than usual (sorry a little gross). I was thinking maybe increasing fiber or adding a digestive enzyme supplement may help, in addition to switching to a lactose free milk. When I have protein shakes (not a main component as I rely mostly on quality foods…just use it for convenience to be sure I always hit my protein macros if very busy during a given day), I sometimes will mix with milk and add some liquid egg whites. Curious if others have similar lactose intolerance and how best to get things back to normal. Fortunately, I’m still working remotely from home so don’t have to worry about clearing out a conference meeting at work with the silent but deadly farts. LOL


Try that milk without the lactose if it isn’t that you might need allergy testing but we put down alot of nasty stuff all together it might just be the diet your pounding.
I hope that changing the milk works and its an easy fix for you

I’m same way. I just don’t drink milk anymore. Cheese (sparingly) and spurts of cottage cheese.

Of course… according to my beautiful bride… everything gives me gas…water…air…everything hahaha


Most people actually get more lactose
Intolerance as they age. I mean think about it we are
E the only animal that regularly drinks milk after the youth. Also I know I get issues and it cause horrible gas but I had almond milk this morning and I’d test her take the bad with the real thing over that bland glass of non protein having junk

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I would say just drop the milk. I like cashew milk. Super low in calories and taste is decent

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Never heard of cashew milk

Increasing fiber will for SURE not help your poop be more solid. I would advise against that.

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Cashew milk is what we drink. I really only use it for cereal.

My wife has always said almond milk has soy in it which she tries to avoid.

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Might have to try some.

I’ll stick to the real stuff and life with uncomfort

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I should mention on a mass I crush some chocolate milk. It’s perfect before bed. Egg whites and choc milk and snooze.


Sounds horrible but definitely gets you sugar and protein. That’s what wakes me up during a bulk to get tarts that sugar craving.

Haha im not looking forward to next mass on the eating side of things. They are different, but I don’t know which is more exhausting. A hard cut or a big mass. Waking up starving at 0300 is the worst.


I would definitely say the cut. I just got on the scale and wasn’t very happy with what I saw

Haha after I posted that I thought about the last 3 months and was like wtf am I saying? That shit was exhausting.

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What is the base of the protein shake? Is it whey? That may be a culprit.

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I prefer casein before better. Cleaner than milk and slow digestion

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I used to use casein too. I just haven’t found one that I like the taste so I just quit and went to the egg whites.

Try Ascent. I like that one

Will do! I think my wife has tried some of their regular protein and liked it

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