MPG domestic gear is amazing

Ok so I’ve been wanting to write up my input on MPG gear. First delivery was super fast I think 3-4 days. Communication point on as always.

Gh I’ve been using for for 5 days. My right hand has been numb all day and I’m only running 4iu. I waited to use theirs till I ran out of my old stuff. I’ve never had gh hit this hard and quick. I haven’t had time to run actual blood test but I’ve seen others that are reading 37. Guys and girls that’s higher than pharmacy. My hand is tingling and numb as I write this lol. If you guys haven’t jumped on board yet I wouldn’t wait. And their prices beat anyone else around. Thanks @MPG



Its great hearing reviews like this and knowing that are verified sponsors are the best.
@MPG thanks for providing top quality
@PHD thanks for the review

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Awesome review. One of these days I’ll have to experiment with gh. Nice work @MPG

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I get so confused…we have so many good sponsors here. If I ever can get bitcoin…I even fucked up the glidera somehow.

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