Mrbell gains and goals 2017

Mrbell gains and goals 2017

28A8FB71-06C7-4642-A58F-C4BA33272A42|375x500here’s my pics. My goal is 210 I def gotta work on my legs


I’m at 190 right now so I’m thinking I might need to up my goal. I put a lot more weight on than I thought in these last 2.5 weeks… I’ll be running bold cyp 600 a week and test e 300 a week for the next 16 weeks so yeah might need to set my goal more like 225 lbs I still have a few days to decide my goal


My goal will be to hit 215 lbs

So I just hit the scale and I’m sitting right at 185. Lost some weight coming off the superdrol. My arms back and shoulders lost some size. They are rock hard tho! I upped my test.
I’ll be running 600mg test E ew
600mg eq cyp ew
Armidex .5 mg eod for the next 16 weeks

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Today I hit a pr on the bench 225 4x. If many don’t know while I was in the service I had surgery on both elbows and have had a lot of trouble on the bench when it comes to lifting heavy weight. Most of the time my elbows give out . I felt so achimplished today. I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. It was a big day for me today. Only way to go is keep climbing


I’m at 187 lbs 11.2% body fat.


Solid work bro keep it up! :muscle::slight_smile:

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Damn bro you can definitely see the size gain around your shoulders/traps/biceps! Real great work for such a short amount of time bro bravo!

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Where is your estrogen levels at.
Have you gotten blood work recently. I remember a post about some estro sounding side effects and im going to be honest I can see a little swelling around your nips. You have a great build going i would suggest starting a Nolvadex regimen until you get your blood work. You could be developing some gyno.
I had a small case of gyno and its almost completely gone now after a regimen of Nolvadex and aromasin keeping my estrogen levels at the lower end.
Im going to get a write up put together with the pub med journals talking about how doctors treat on set gyno symptoms in patients that they didn’t prescribe any ai to. It really works and you don’t have to run crazy amounts of letrozole and completely crash your estro for no reason.

I’m taking armidex .5mg eod. My nips feel fine don’t hurt or itch. I did just get out of a cold shower before that picture. Lol. My doctors appointment is next week. It’s the earliest they could get me in. @Bigmurph

Also I had my nipples peierced for like 10 years. Lol they pretty much look weird all the time.

It might just be the pic and your nips are just hard as hell. After what happened to me im always trying to look out for everyone else


I took them out in the army and then repirced them. So they have4 holes in eCh nipple

I appreciate you looking out tho… my nips are hard all day everyday they can cut glass lol

They poke through every shirt I own. The first ring went through the nip and the second ring was behind the first ring. Lol I was so pissed. I was like wtf didn’t you go through the original hole. It’s a nipple piercing not behind the nipple piercing

you can see the two holes one behind the first one


Mt girl wants me to get mine done, but im to much of a winny girl to do so lol. How does it feel bro?

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