Muscle confusion and why its so important

Muscle confusion and why its so important

I hear this one alot also I goto the gym all the time give it my all and im not growing one bit. My first question is diet they give me that they have upped cals protien fats and carbs they just are at a plateau they cant cross. There usually frustrated and instantly say that’s it im getting some tren. LOL
I ask them what is your routine like and they tell me there routine and I say ok and what else they reply thats my routine. That is the problem.

They go to the gym day in and day out and do the same exercises over and over never changing anything. This causes your muscles to basically adapt to the workout. Its like guys that go to work 5 days a week and all they do is lift but they don’t keep growing after a certain point because there body has adapted to the workout.

Muscle confusion is making sure that every month week or couple of monts you switch your routine so that your body can never adapt to it.

If you are at a plateu before you hit that cycle and give up on being natty especially the under 25 crowd.
Switch what you do in the gym. I bet there are machines in your gym you walk by every time your there and never use them but you sure use that bench press every week.

Try new things routines exercises and different approaches to exercises you are already doing. This will keep you ahead of your body hitting that plateu.

Keep those muscles confused and guessing brothers

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