Muscle pain. Any tips?

Muscle pain. Any tips?

Getting muscle pain after injec. Any tips on before or after to help?

What’s your inj protocol?

What type of compound are you using and what’s the mg?

1.5 tot


Is it a blend? Or mixing in the pin?

The blend will definitely bring pip that is harder to decipate.
If you’re mixing in the pin are they made with the same carrier oils?

Also are you keeping a good rotation between muscles

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Mixing in the pin. Same pharm same oil base. It’s really good, pure, tested.

The only thing that I could reccomend is to not mix and do more pins. Just one week to see if that helps.
Also if you’re using a thin carrier oil try a smaller guage pin for your injection.

Stable with the needle? I used to be jam and slam but have learned slow is steady. Steady is pain free. :joy:. Plus what @Bigmurph said… :grin:

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