Muscleguru is controlled by selective scamming sources

It hurts me to have to write this because im a member of this board and I have much respect for the mods there I don’t believe that the mods seig and blast thru have anything to do with this deception.
They are stand up guys and so are so many other members.
I do believe that the administration there is linked to the sources that @TrenGod has exposed as selective scammers or just straight scammers.
In my research about this i have spoken with multiple members that were recently banned because they called out the administration of muscleguru for bringing back a scamming src with no explanation. Well the explanation is they are either owned by the sources that @TrenGod exposed or they are being paid alot of money for the protection of the administration. I would have the banned and upset members come here and back up my word but they don’t want to go on record as whistle blowers. I though don’t give a fuck about exposing a large organizaed scam in progress.
If you compare the list of sites that @TrenGod exposed to the top 20 at muscleguru you will see that these sites on other stand up honest boards like ugmuscle and Eroids have them labled as scam sites but then you goto muscleguru and they are all ranked above sources that I know for a fact are much better and don’t scam. So how does this happen? I invite anyone to go look at the reviews of the #2 source at muscleguru look at how only good 1 karma members reviews are allowed to stay up thats because the bad reviews have all been pulled down. This is a process you can see for yourself that happens all through the rankings at muscleguru
They are also as @TrenGod pointed out registered in Moldova very close to the other server that hosts all those scam sites we uncovered. It seems that the only really smart thing that they did was separate muscleguru from the sites that sell gear so that hopefully no one would put 2 and 2 together.
We now have put 2 and 2 together and with the help of high ranking members who will stay un named i have been able to piece together the truth about this very large and elaborate scam that has been going on for almost a decade.
I give them respect only for being very intelligent but no respect for robbing and scamming hard working individuals. There scam isn’t a straight robbery scam its a long drawn out over years selective scam.
Whenever someone posts negative reviews they are pulled and this way when new customers come along they can say look we are ranked #whatever at muscleguru this will make the customer feel comfortable buying and they usually send a test order which arrives. Now they feel really comfortable and they put in a large order and then they decide if its time to just completely rob the customer maybe send him counterfeit gear so they get 2 positive reviews or if they just rob him no problem once he writes his review it will get pulled by admin at muscleguru so the next member only sees good things.
How this all came out is one of these sources went to far and robbed the wrong members who made alot of noise in the right way so it made it very hard for administration to hide what they have been doing. As time passed they thought probably that the problems had passed but the members who were wronged are or should I say were very active because they were all banned for calling out what they started to see happening. They finnally slipped up and got called out for it.
Then they banned 7 members i speak with and im not sure how many more.
I just heard this morning that they also lost there domain for some reason but muscleguru is now muscleguru
I don’t know if the domain change is due to the problem they are having now because they are finnally being exposed or if it was just a coincidence.

I will be very clear please brothers and sisters of ugmuscle you ever have a question about a src you plan on using and they’re not verified here at ugmuscle write me a pm and I can let you know if that is a safe source to use.

I will also say while doing your research use only 2 forums to do your research don’t trust other boards only use Eroids which can only give you reviews to help you decide. I will remind you about my situation where I used a very high ranked source at Eroids all reviews looked great and I ordered and the gear wasn’t bunk but was extremely subpar this source was gearuniversity.

If you use ugmuscle and our verified srcs you are 100% safe. They haven’t been allowed to just put there name here and be reviewed they have all been verified that there service gear and buisiness ethics are top notch. We only allow the best sources to be verified here.
We at ugmuscle don’t take money from sources to be verified we don’t rank them because if there verified at ugmuscle then they should all be ranked #1 thats how we do things.

I will be bringing in more srcs in the next couple of months. I will only bring in the top notch srcs that me and members can trust. This will always be a guarantee at that we will never have a sketchy src if you order from verified srcs you are 100% going to get exactly what you paid for. ALWAYS

If anyone ever has a question about a src or ordering please pm me so I can make sure that you get the best of what you are looking to purchase.


The Mods are great guys so are the active members but seeing those guys band for having integrity and looking out for other on the board ruined it for me. It led me to this site though, glad to be here.


We are definitely glad to have you around also brother. I didn’t see a introduction from you. I think that it might help some members understand a little better if you wrote an intro with your story and of course this will allow everyone to welcome you to the community

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i like a non ranking system , you have my attention. ,i seen a very good friend of mine (source) is here , i tryed my hardest to get him on the other site. … im pleased to see him here .

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I believe I know who you speak of and im really happy to have him as a verified src because I have only heard the best about him from day 1.

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MG certainly has its problems, no doubt about it. When money is involved often the moral compass gets whacked. However, I wouldn’t say MG is completely unreliable. I have had no troubles with any source I have found there; one only needs to read between the lines to figure out whats what on any board. I have only ordered once from a top source, the rest were from one source that was banned (I figured if he was banned he must be ok lol, and he was/is), the others were just ones that had reviews from vets, and one that I just got a good feeling from, and he was just as top notch as anyone else. Otherwise, I went with an international that has probably one of the best reputations writ large.

It is the community that kicks ass over there at MG. No flaming like E***ds, personally I can’t stand that board, and rarely ever rummage around there.Its great that they have more promos, but I don’t need free gear, or discounted gear. There is only so much oil I can safely pin in a year! Again, the community, and the information shared there is second to none in most cases. Some of the top guys have been banned or disappeared, coming around once in awhile. That really sucked, and was a bad move on MG’s part. It’s the sense of family that makes a good forum, a good community. I have found other boards that are similar, but with somewhat different topics that are mostly discussed.

I believe that UGM has a very good potential of becoming a great community, that is why I joined. I like the idea of absolutely verified sources, and many of the ideations behind the format are in my opinion “cutting edge”. This place really has the potential of setting the bar a little higher. But what will be the driving force will be the members, not the sources, for without members creating traffic and interest, any source will not benefit. I am happy to contribute to this new found land. Let’s make it an inviting, thriving land with bounty to share.


What you call flaming will never be allowed here. I call it bashing but same thing. I honestly really enjoy eroids most of you know i frequent there often but there are alot of things I hate about it that upset me and its my mission here to make sure that the things that happen over there like flaming won’t happen.

This is so true and we built this board to be that board that is all about the community the brother and sister hood the family. The second part will be that we will only have the best srcs for the members to use here. We don’t charge rent or for promos we want all the srcs to run promos and they go through a verification process that I can’t really talk about because of security but I can say that I personally put alot of work in to make sure that no member will get scammed here and if this ever does happen i can promise that src will never be allowed here again and I will do everything to make sure that everyone on every board knows that they are scammers. I don’t even want to get into what @TrenGod would do to them.
I really appreciate the cutting edge reference and im sure tren does also.
We really do hope to make this the best board there is. It will be also because its built for the members not for the srcs.
Thanks Thorsenn


I’m a “background” member on a few sites. And when I found that scammer on MG, you know I went to those boards to let them know. It was with the help of a Mod/Admin of another site that helped me seal the deal on a scammer. I’d hate to see what happens to this dude when a few guys get him :wink:

What did they ban you for at E****s BM?

I agree with Blast on this subject! BigMurph I also have to say that the community of MG has been good to you & even after your regrets we accepted you back with fistbumps. That’s who we are there. I’m on several boards, but MG is home & the reason it’s home is family is where home is. I also have to disagree that MG is run by selective scammers. The #1 source there right now is a domestic source that came on the board & kicked tail since day 1 & went to #1 because he deserves it… just like his predecessor who was domestic that went underground & got an unfair hand at MG. However as a long time vet of MG, I know the member’s & who to trust & I’ve l armed the sources & who to trust. Although some international sources there are high in the ranks, I don’t & won’t use the ones that I suspect are unfair no matter how good their gear is! I have also found that most people who spend all their time pointing out the faults of others do so because they have very low self esteem or they themselves have something to hide so don’t let your good be evil spoken of… as the Good Book says :grin: I see nothing wrong with calling out sources or people that are being dishonest & I believe we have every right & should excercise that right, but be careful that you call out the guilty & only with proof. I’m not bashing, but speaking my mind on the subject of MG. In my eyes, MG is the faithful members that hold it down above all the nonsense that goes on around it. I’m not there for Admin or any source, I’m there because my very close & true friends are there.
Peace :v: & Love

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Which time im still there my name is gettingbig

Under Bigmurph… so your gettin big now. I didn’t know that was you too lol. I’m just jarhead there too… with both my karma points :rofl::rofl:

Yeah I got banned for good as Bigmurph for some crazy shit that I really didn’t do.
I supposedly had like 10 accounts that I had never heard of. Bfg banned me I still don’t understand why they thought these accounts were mine. I guess they figured affter awhile I was probably telling the truth and they let me start over.

What you were saying earlier about mg I will just say this i loved the members and mods there i enjoyed being a member there. A little while back though something happened and I know you love mg and the members but I can only say I love the members. I know a little something that 99% of people don’t and im not going to put it out there but just think worst case scenario about mg

I will just say that if you turn over the right stone you will retract this statement.
Nothing against you your not one of them but there is some really sketchy stuff going on behind the curtain there.
Stick up for the members all great guys and gals stick up for the mods 2x over they really deserve it but administration don’t waste your time with them. Just trust me im not throwing stones in a glass house either im no saint but there bad for everyone in the community. thats a legitimate site not mg

What? They’re getting juiced up & having gay orgies?? Anything other than that I you probably don’t know much more than the rest of us bro :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: we’re juice heads but not idiots

Thats why I really didn’t want to go any farther talking about it.
There are members here that can read this and they know it also.
If they were having gay orgies and getting juiced up fuck it. I could care less about that but what they are doing I do care about and it really upsets me and if you new you would most likely go full JARHEAD on there ass.
It didn’t take us very long to figure out everything so im not sure if you’re tech savy im not but if you are do some digging and then tell me that its ok what there doing


You know I am not a fan of the administration over at MG but after reading the original post and what followed I seriously have to reconsider being a participating member here. If you have the information let it be known. Otherwise why say anything at all? :wink:

Do you know that the most successful companies in the world never compare themselves to their competitors or even make mention of them? Why is that? Success comes from standing on your own merits not by trampling over the shortcomings of others.

Just words to think about for your future venture.

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Im sorry I don’t snitch on Friend nor enemy.
I let it be known that people need to be careful and you can take the warning because im honestly just trying to look out but im not about to lay there buissiness on the table. I would hope that they would follow the same code and never lay anyones buissiness out in the open.
If you guys think that im the bad guy im sorry your looking in the wrong direction.

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Like I said my friend, we’re not ignorant. The friends that I have that aren’t banned from there are still there because we’re family. We are very aware, without being tech savvy, exactly what’s going on. I have pm’d admin many times with questions & he knows that I know. Ask your admin here, I’ve asked him very detailed questions in pm, that’s just the right way to deal with it. MG as an entity is a steroid review site, but in a while it’s a place for us to be together & enjoy life & friends in a thread or two & to reach out to as many as possible & help them. We tell them who to stay away from & who to give a shot because we know what’s up. I agree with my Devil Dog Semper, of you indeed have pertinent info then by all means put it out there either in the thread or pm. I won’t stand up for admin, but I will have to take a stand for MG. I know what goes on behind the scenes where is member’s hang & we text & email outside of the site to inform & discuss the important flaws. I’m done my brother… you know how I feel & that’s all I wanted to communicate :grin:

I am not saying you are a bad guy at all BM. I was simply attempting to communicate that you don’t need to beat a dead donkey. Your success does not depend on their failure or success. Do what you do and be proud of that. Making comparisons from your level of community leadership makes you appear to be more of a Don King than an Odysseus. Best of luck and great wishes. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” - Sun Tzu

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