Man, couldnt hardly believe my eyes.
Was just cruising through musclegurus on a new handle and saw Sieg is back as a mod there.
Admin and Dolf fucking backstabbed Sieg like a couple of bitches. How in the fuck could you go back there Sieg?

There are some good members there, but no fuckin way am I gonna help give that bullshit fake review kalpa loving site any credibility.

In case anyone forgot. and Daddyroids are 90% fake reviews. MG is a site that will ban you for pointing out fake reviews.

There are some great juice forums out there, I cant wrap my head around the fact that stand up guys/gals will continue to contribute to a forum that is so clearly crooked. There is always something going on behind the scenes, but never has it been so clear as it was with MG. That site is bought and paid for by Kalpa. I caught one guy trading fake reviews for half price gear red handed, and that was confirmed by mods. When I spoke openly about it I was banned. The source with the fake reviews still sits in the number 2 spot. That forum puts kalpa sellers before members. period.

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I got love for Sig he’s a brother to me and always will be if he wanted to go back to mg I fully support him on that but I can’t believe that he actually did that. I’m going to miss him if he’s not going to come around anymore he’s a really good guy we were always cool I hope we still are I hope that the reason that he left wasn’t because of me or somebody else here. See if you read this get in touch with me bro I reached out to you the other day and you haven’t hit me back. This breaks my heart I hope he just went back because he felt more comfortable there maybe I’m not sure but if that’s what he wanted I back and 100% And he’s still my boy for sure no matter what he’s a really good guy I’m blown away right now I’m basically just ranting I can’t believe this we lost a really good member.

I appreciate you letting us know about this I wish that somebody else would have just told me that they weren’t happy here possibly and wanted to go back there but I was not told anything and was completely unaware of this until now. Like I said Sig if you read this hit me up let me know what’s going on bro I want to make sure you’re okay. I also want to make sure that you’re not mad at me or UGM to be honest

i dont think he is pissed off at anyone.

He is well respected by the membership there and did more than his part to make the site what it is. He likes it there.

those crooked back stabbers dont deserve him.

I definitely agree that they don’t deserve him at all he is a really good guy and they’re really bad guys I don’t want to really get into that because I’m way past that but I’m really going to miss @SIEGMUND if he’s not going to come around anymore. It breaks my heart that he might have possibly left us. I just really hope he’s not mad at me for something that I did because I can’t even think of anything that I might have done that would have upset him.
I’ve course wishing the best I know that he’s got a lot of good friends over there because there are a lot of good members on that site. I personally speak with a couple of them at least once a week.

If you happen to speak to him burr tell him that it doesn’t bother me a bit that he went back there and that I’m always here for him and that I support any choice that he made. I’ve got nothing but love for Sig.

so you’re saying that he doesnt have to worry about the admin here stabbing him in the back.

thank you!!!

MG would be a great forum if admin wasnt so damn corrupt.

I would never stab @SIEGMUND in the back I have so much respect for him he’s going through so much in life and isn’t completely batshit crazy I don’t know how he handles all that I’m sure that you know his story I believe you do because I know you guys are kind of close but from what he told me I would be out of my mind batshit crazy. I will admit I had to take away his moderator position only because he can’t be a mod on two forums but he is still a member and always will be. He is more than welcome to come here anytime he wants when I spoke to him that’s exactly what I told him because I did get in touch with him. I have a lot of respect for sig. I mean a lot he’s a really good guy and he is a member of the UGM fam and I mean that very strongly that I consider him part of the fam and that’s a close-knit circle. I only wish him the best in life any choices that he makes I would always support and I’m going to support his choice to go back to mg if that’s what he wants to do go for it there’s some really good guys and gals over there. I
Know that I don’t have to tell you that.I sometimes wish I could login over there and just say hello to people and check things out but I’m banned from there but I have respect for all those guys and gals over there on that site. I just wouldn’t want to support the admin in any way. Just my opinion but you agree with me on that.
So to answer your question directly no we definitely will not stab him in the back we would help him walk forward if he needed it but he doesn’t because he is a strong man, mind ,body and soul strongman.
I will make sure that even if he doesn’t come by here that I reach out to him every once in awhile to stay in touch see how he’s doing make sure that he’s alright.
I told him that I appreciate everything he helped with while he was a staff member. Its a huge loss to our community for a good guy like sieg to not be around all the time. I truly only wish him and his family the best in the future.

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