Musclehead320 Arrested and Charged with Selling Counterfiet Steroids- Oynx Pharmaceuticals Steroids

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Musclehead320 from instagram and other places was arrested with 5 others a couple weeks back. His UGL named Oynx ripped off a legit pharma company name and was selling his brand online. This idiot also wrote a book and sold it under his name on shopify about how to take steroids.

Six people, including three Central Massachusetts residents, are accused of selling counterfeit steroids and using a tanning salon in Beverly to launder money and buy supplies for the illegal enterprise, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

All six people were arrested Wednesday and face charges in federal court.

The six people arrested are: Tyler Bauman, a 32-year-old Shrewsbury resident who is also known as “musclehead 320”; Kathryn Green, 28, of Shrewsbury; Philip Goodwin, 36, of Lynn; Robert Medeiros, 31, of Gardner; Brian Petzke, 49, of Saugus; and Melissa Sclafani, 29, of Gloucester.

They all face one count of conspiracy to traffic counterfeit drugs and one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

His Instagram here

He claimed to be “sponsored” by Onyx on his social media sites when in fact he was running the UGL. I’ll never understand how stupid people can be to do shit like this.

As well as people like that fuckwit on Youtube with his little dick pics hes sending guys showing how much they are taking and their real info out everywhere. Couldnt remember his name off hand so had to google it lol.

Bostin Loyd lol. That jerkoff actually takes videos of himself injecting… yet he hasnt been arrested and has shown vials and shit numerous times online…

@Bigmurph @t-bill @PHD

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lol he actually posted the vid showing him going into his fridge and everything he has in there.

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I saw this shit on the web I had no idea who this guy was because I don’t mess with social media. This is the exact reason why and this idiot legitimately increminated himself so bad did this guy think that he was immune to the law? Especially if you rub it in le face they are going to make a point to come and get you for sure. I don’t care if you have 1 vial they will come for you if you make it a point to where they have to. Be smart fellas stay low and don’t put all your buisiness out there.

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His instagram is just a prosecutors wet dream… putting vials in donuts, amps in burgers and shit. Showing his full face in 80% of all his vids and talking about what he buys and from who…


this sort of stuff actually lends credibility to dumb mainstream notions such as - steroids make you stupid / become more impulsive / lack self control, etc.

Also the antics of these idiots make medically sound ideas like trt/hrt become controversial in public opinion, ruining things for people like me who legitimately need chemical assistance


You’re right but in my opinion guys like this have no place running gear because honestly this guy had to have some issues. No one really thinks there untouchable like he really did were talking about someone who is importing and trafficking in drugs and he literally put it out there every day as much as he could basically waving a flag saying come and get me. Im really surprised it took as long as it did for the feds to go after this guy. I believe that social media is the best thing that has ever happened for the police and the feds because younger guys will put everything on social media and not even give it a thought that they are making a prosecutors job even easier then the actual law enforcement. Then the judge is going to hit him hard for being so cocky.
He has to be mentally ill in my opinion he should really go for a mentally ill defense.

I also believe Boston loyd his arrest is coming soon he has a company that they are going to throw the federal book at him for tax fraud drug trafficking and so on. I hope it doesn’t happen because I don’t wish that upon anyone but like tren said he does the same thing this other guy did. Soon enough 3cc will be the headline.

Interesting enough Boston and this guy are friends. They even did a youtube video together. Also someone has posted from this guy’s instagram which is suspected to be Boston. He’s still in jail and they posted an older photo of him taking Bostons product like an ad.

People have brought up if Boston is just a snitch for feds as well. Since he’s done the same things and always untouched but people around him get busted.

this clown is still posting on his instagram :unamused:

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I guess that one of the benefits from staying away from social media is the lack of encountering scum like this. Thanks @Kunt for assuring me that I am staying the right course.

If he is still posting that probably means he is cooperating with the feds. Unless he really had enough money to bond out. His bond must have been in the $100.00+ to get out even at 10% its 10,00 minimum possibly alot higher.

I don’t follow him on any social media platform, but was doing some reading on a different board and they said he was still posting on his IG account.
So i have no doubt that what you’ve said is wrong haha
Having the feds on your ass is no fun. jeez.

I’m assuming prison doesn’t offer trt services, that’s not gonna be fun

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Ha ha that dudes a trip. Not the smartest person. He seems like one that would flip fast tho.

I bet he is already talking trying to make a deal

@BigD and @Bigmurph: just because an individual looks big doesn’t mean that they are strong.

It’s only a matter of time until Bostin Loyd is next, LOL


There all going to end up going down for something. Weather its something like tax evasion or promotion of a dangerous drug.
It will eventually happen.

I am like you no social media peroid. These idiots are giving bodybuilding a black eye. Social media is ruining bodybuilding. Like Dorian Yates said
Instagram bodybuilder

Instagram is just everyone on there trying to self promote. Everyone thinks they are the next big thing on there. As a sport its going to shit because of it and people rate number of followers to knowledge which doesnt mean shit.

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