My blood work with Gear2Go

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I was taking a TRT dose of 75 mg 2x a week the blood work indicates that it could be overdosed

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Those are good numbers for 150mg a wk
What week did you pull bloods

Seems a little high, i generally get high numbers as well.
Could be overdose, or just how we respond. I dont know…

What’s high is your estrogen!!! Lol

Test too tho. My pharma grade trt dose of 200 puts me at 1200, but that is also my trough bloods taken 84 hours after split dose of 100.

Everyone does respond diff tho, but I’d suggest that’s slightly overdosed.

Yeah estrogen is too high and I think its causing the acne I’ve been getting.

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That certainly will!

In my case it definitely causes my acne. Other than just taking an ai I also take Proviron to free up Testosterone and stop aromatase from happening I would get horrible acne when I was young. Then i started using Proviron and acne is gone now. I reccomend it for controlling acne and taking advantage of all the Testosterone

provi makes my acne much worse… I dont have much anymore from a short cycle of low dose accutane, but a few days of 50mg provi and the bacne is back

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Really thats interesting to me. I swear by it but I guess its just another example of everyone reacts different to all compounds. I guess it being an androgen it is definitely a side effect from it but mast and Proviron and I imagine other dht derivatives help me clear up.
Interesting info

God results. I was using a source about a year ago I was running 200mh cyp a week and I tested at 1600. My dr said well I guess your stuff is better than the pharmacy lol. I’ve never had acne issues with gear. I think it’s like most stuff with gear if your prone to acne you will get acne no matter how clean it is. Now I’ve seen dudes with bad gear get it just as bad so who really knows.

Ive not used any gear since college when I did a few cycles upwards of 200mgs per week of various testosterones and never got acne, just stretch marks. I have a pct mix from geartogo its 20mg of nolva .5 of armidex and 25 mg of proviron. I lowered the dose of test C and taking half of the PCT pills EOD and my sin is clearing up. I’m looking to see how little gear I can take and still have great recovery from lifting

Everything ive read about pct says not to use proviron.
Its basiclly just dht and is suppresive to recovery.

Not sure why it would be part of a pct package or protocol.

ES, when you talk about low dose test for recovery, do you mean going on trt?

Yes I’m doing it as TRT but also interested in taking breaks from it and getting my own T up and running now and then

That can’t be right?
If it is like burr said provi is counterproductive to pct.

Thats what it is last one on the page

Thats a really strange blend for pct. I usually see aromasin 6.25 Nolvadex 20mg clomiphene 50mg.
That’s the first time I have seen a pct blend like that. When you use it let me know what you think and if it works. I have tried to run the blend that I wrote but my estro became tanked and I felt really shitty.

@ESmetalhead just realized it was never asked. So you were splitting doses 2x a week. How long after one of those pins did you pull this blood work?

I believe it was the day after possibly 2nd day after

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