My current cycle and thoughts

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Just started Sunday and want everyone’s thoughts.

Test E/ Mast E blend 200mg each @2x a week
Oral turinabol 40 mg every day for 5 week
I plan on introducing DHB week 2 anywhere from 200-400mg.
Also have 1/2 mg Arimidex EOD.
I also have all the clomid & Arimidex for PCT. I’m planning on a 12 week run.


Armidex its not for pct , nolvadex, clomid and hcg


It sounds like you are ready to go just curious what are your goals ?
Do you have your diet set up?
Most don’t like to split there orals but tbol and var I prefer to spread out my dose 2x a day.

Get ready for the dhb it can be a painful inj.

Honestly just have extra. I have clomid and I’m 41 as well .

Want to actually lean and mean. Started that carnivore diet with 0 sugar 0 carb and meat and meat by products so looking good so far. Down 8 lb.

Its good to have extra because if you’re prone you might need to lower your estrogen levels up until your pct especially since you are not using nolvadex. You want to be in range once you start pct to avoid gyno issues.

You might be in ketosis soon if you completely avoid carbs and sugars

You might be in ketosis now lol

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Maybe in ketosis depending on your fats it’s a great diet. You also drop a lot of stored water weight once carbs are depleted from your diet.

Never had gyno issue even when was pushing over 1k test a week. Many years ago!

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Wife wants to branch to keto after this it’s all new to me I can’t bitch since she cooks.

I may be there I’m not buying the pee strips to find out but feel good.

Appreciate the information!

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No problem sir :muscle:

You don’t have to I can feel it when I’m in keto. The pee strips cost like $8 but if you stay under 20 grams of net carbs and maintain healthy fats you will go in it. I use the app carb manager to watch everything.

The only carbs that are going in are the 1-2 in my protein shake. I would say I’m under 10grams a day and 10 is pushing it closer to 5

When I was on keto I used isopure zero to keep carbs down may wanna look into it. Just a little more expensive than your standard whey since it’s a isolate

So you have experience this isn’t your first time around.
You should be good to go the diet is interesting I love protein way more than carbs but I need a certain level of carbs even though I try to keep it low.
Even just beans atleast to help as a little fiber in the diet

Currently using Isolit. Used isopure many times big fan. This one just taste better but damn near same thing by primeval labs

So far so good and wife doesn’t want to kill me anymore for the gas from all the other food was eating :rofl:

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Take the 40 in the am before work.

  1. Don’t want it in car
  2. Not storing it in locker at work.

It is what it is on this one!:rofl:

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