My current situation and plan

As I said in my Intro I’m 50 6’ tall and shrinking and in decent shape but my gut came 5 years ago. I run 2-3 miles per week and lift weights at 4-5 sets of 12 sometimes less if not I’m raising strength. I started having low T around 45 when I lived overseas. My doctor had me on a standard weekly shot. I had horrible water retention that I controlled with HCG, clomid and a water pill when necessary. Took a year to dial things in. Once I returned stateside none of my doctors would prescribe my treatments but my low T is stable but low.

Current numbers:
Sex Hormone 22
Total T 268
Free T 49.5

I did run some cycles back in the day 90’s had great results for what I did back then (Army) today I try to keep my diet tight with low carbs. Last year 20g was my goal and I would eat 2-3k cals in one hr then wait 23 hrs. Amazing results. Boosted my T numbers and lowered my weight. This year my strength is decent but gym (planet fitness) has major limitations. I work nights but do get 2-3hr workouts 4-5 times per week. My work hrs may change but workouts have been steady for decades.

I’m trying to get my doctor to get my low T treatment going again and if not then I’m going to just start again myself.

Lately my diet has changed and I crave more carbs from my foods(nuts mostly) workouts are the same but should be altered due to muscle memory issues.

RDW 14.9 little high
Cholesterol 233 high
LDL 181 high

My weight went up during covid lockdown no gym just cardio. Trashed my knees for a while and I’m at 240 about 28% BF last checked. Maybe lower now since gym is open.

My goal is to bulk up slightly while getting to 220 this year. Next year I’m planning on trimming down to 195. I’m getting older and my BP doesn’t like weight and I have old war injuries that might feel better.

I still retain water easily and I’m not on anything and plan on going on clomid soon to see if that helps while I wait on my treatment.

I’m in the process of ordering HCG, Clomid and the other Novoldex. I did use cialis for years low dose 2hrs before workouts so looking to stock up. I’m dialed in here with one of your vendors (flashlabs) so I’m expecting delivery soon. BTW it was flashlabs that I found this forum.

Any suggestions?


Trying to understand why you are getting clomid and nolva Bro. Are you post cycling at 50 be cruising cause your levels are not good imo.

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Yes I’m using it until I’m back on Test. However I’m open to other ideas. I’m also stocking up on some post cycle for later use.

@vetvso Welcome and glad to have you.

After looking over your blood work components i would highly suggest a Low t protocol moving forward in your life. Clomid and nolva will yield no results in the Testosterone function like you are hoping it might.

Below i have listed a best practice protocol given your condition and listed side effects to help not only reach your goal but do it in a safe and healthy matter.

TRT Protocol-
Test Ent- .75cc 2x weekly- Monday and Thursday
HGH- 2iu Monday through Friday administered AM prior to breakfast
Arimidex- .5mg 2x weekly- Tuesday and Friday
HCG- 250iu 2x weekly- Tuesday and Friday
hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg daily

As always we are here to help and best as always! Thank you!


@Optumpharma Solid brother! I didn’t even know what the hydro stuff was and looks perfect for him and shit can I use to pull water off of me?



Great info and almost the same as before. I manage high tech manufacturing at night so it’s good to keep the wimps in their place. My kids and I are all current or ex military so we love getting into beast mode. I wish I still had their hormone levels but the old man is still the head beast.

Npp has been working well for my joints low dose. It’s all the rave around here and I decided to try it. I get bad aches in my elbows and shoulders from Jack hammering and I noticed as soon as I used it almost immediately the pain subsided. Good stuff.

I noticed since I came back stateside it’s hard to get syringes. Where does everyone go these days?

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A popular online vendor ships to your door. A****n @vetvso

Never had a problem getting supplies through online medical suppliers. I have used vitality medical in past.

I use medlab gear, quick and good prices.

With numbers like that you should be able to find a trt clinic to take care of your testosterone and keep your levels stable.

Great sponsor you choose so your good because I don’t believe that he would steer you in the wrong direction. Plus you can post any questions you have everyone here is here to help so you won’t have any issues.

Seems like you are a big guy I carry a high bf% also but I would say definitely cut down so you can see some lines of muscles and then if you’re looking to hit a solid cycle with a good diet and you will be competing with the young bucks again.

The only thing that worries me is your Blood pressure I have hypertension also and you say that you hold alot of water which I believe is high estrogen and that can put alot of pressure on your heart you have to be careful.
I assume that you take bp meds and if you start holding water you definitely need to get bloodwork done with your estrogen levels so you can control your estrogen levels. Put less stress on your heart.


Yes I’m very sensitive to estrogen and water retention. I also can get BP spikes into the 140’s/90’s on days I retain water. Even now without running any gear I get water retention. I take DIM and others for estrogen control and have had limited success with DHA. In the past CLOMID did help control this issue. I have a different water pill (LASIK) that does work but it’s not a stable release. Now my state New Mexico is threatening to shut our gyms down and that impacts my health severely.


So they opened the gyms now there closing them?

Looks like as of today my gym is open but I’m supposed to wear a mask 100%. I will wear it when not lifting only and will pull it down while lifting.

Howdy, so those numbers should absolutely qualify you for TRT. Find a TRT specialist, most family docs don’t know what is what with hormone replacement.
Good luck brother

This maybe my future as wel

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It’s difficult these days and I work nights 12-14hrs managing manufacturing so I’m kept busy. I have been trying to get Re-setup since last Oct. trying to get another appointment soon and another blood work. If it’s not happening I will just restart on my own.

Depending on the state you live in.
You can also do virtual med appointment.
And it’s all done over the phone.
Except for the bloodwork of course.
Always options.

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Yes I’m trying to work the system.

Okay Diet: Last year low carb mega KETO and yes it works but it’s hard as hell. I cannot stay in ketosis unless I’m at 20g carbs. Took off 40pds. I’m up 10-15 pounds now but am building muscle back fast with gym open.

Today I’m lower carb but eating well. I track my food still and keep carbs below 100 and protein at 200 or higher.

Once I go on Test I normally drop 15 pounds over 6 months with metabolism and muscle growth. I have ran lower dose cycles in the past to help keep my injuries in check. Really helpful getting micro muscle areas stronger. It’s truly amazing and a shame main stream medical keeps this medical tech away from average people.

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