My day is so bad that im eating McDonald's boooo

2 mcdoubles
1 mcchicken
Buttermilk chicken

I need to get back on cycle im not even on trt I believe that its been long enough eating McDonald’s is like relapsing for me.

I have to get some gear :gear:


Need you to get back on it murph. I think it’s time to hit up some sponsors and let’s get you McBeefy!


Im already talking to some people I believe that im going to be massive in about 90 days and a MONSTAR in about 180 days after all the primo im going to pump into myself


That’s the spirit!

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Thats a lot of sodium in one pic haha


Oh boy that shit made me smile, eat that trash but enjoy it buddy


I know my BP is going to spike lol I shouldn’t laugh but I never eat this shit honestly


Get back to it brother, no relapsing on any bad habits for any of us.

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Primo is on my wish list fo sho!

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I said enjoy it

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To late @Islandswole

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I know I slipped

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As long as its real igs worth it

@Bigmurph has talked me into wanting primo over the years but I still haven’t tried it. I’ll be running Test, Primo, HGH, and Var shortly though.

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You will love it especially if you go for tbol over var

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Honestly I love authentic Var over any oral, but I’m not sure how potent my TBOL actually was When I ran it anyway.

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Tbol is on my wish list too!

How different is it from dbol

Running tbol right now and probably prefer it over var. I’ll use var again Bc I have it, but definitely prefer tbol.

Hmm interesting, which of our sponsors?

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