My experience with ephedrine hcl or an eca stack

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I have been taking ephedrine now for 2 wks and it has been a great experience. I have high BP so I was worried when I started it and I never wanted to take clenched either. But I figured that if I tried ephedrine and it spiked my BP to much I would just stop. I want to remind everyone reading this that I take medicine for my BP and I believe it has helped keep it under control so in no way am I saying if you have high BP just use ephedrine and you will be fine.
I have dropped 8lbs in 2 wks and I believe that I could have dropped more but with my ruptured bicep I have only been able to do a lot of fast hard walking and also my work is strenuous so I believe that the amount of cardiovascular I have done has helped. I don’t think without the exercise I would have gotten these results but I do believe that the ephedrine definitely helped.
I have been dosing at 50mgs 3x a day.
The effects definitely make you sweat a lot and it crushed my appetite at first for the first few days it was like all food was disgusting and I usually eat like an animal. I got this ephedrine from the store I believed that ephedrine was banned it’s not there is just a restriction on how much you can purchase.
Just wanted to share I know that there is only a little info on ephedrine since everyone likes to take clen.

I was thinking of trying the ECA stack before trying Clen and T3.What was your dosages?Where should I get the ephedrine from?Thanks

ECA stack

Ephedrine hcl 25-50mg
Asprin 81mg
Caffeine 200mg

Start at once a day and adjust ephedrine hcl to the proper dose starting at 25mg. I enjoy using pwo or especially with fasted cardio in the morning.
You can increase to 3x a day depending on how you react and feel. Watch your BP it will spike from the ephedrine without a doubt so when adjusting your dose take your BP into consideration.

Get either primatine or order some injectable ephedrine hcl amps. I can’t say get it here or there but im sure that you can find it if you look.

Don’t use ephedrine sulfate that is what is in the Bayer product bronkaid. You only want the ephedrine hcl.

You can use clenbuterol but I prefer ephedrine. I would never use t3 or t4 I don’t want to mess with my thyroid. I don’t ever recommend t3 or t4 unless you get paid for the way you look.

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