My experience with Gear from Ape 💩

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I recently made an order with apeshit and received it 5 days after placing it , My order contained (5) Test C 250 (2) Tren A 100 and 1 Tne 100mg although the Tne was crashed when I received it after contacting the sponsor he stated he forgot to tell me that it was crashed and sent a refund the test and tren looks good I’ve been on the tren going on a week now 100mg eod and will update as I progress the only thing is the Tren don’t have that strong Tren aroma like I’m used too, actually it don’t have no smell at all other then that everything went smooth

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@Easley92 the lack of smell is probably because they aren’t using guaiacol. Gcol is commonly used in shorter esters to prevent crashing and has a very distinct creosote smell. Even a taste in your mouth post injection.

That TNE looks like an ice cube, Not worth the time or risk to use it.

@Flexgod thank you for taking care of the member concerning the TNE. Are you guys taking steps to improve your processes to reduce the risk of crashed gear?

Is gcol suppose to be used, is it preferred or is there a reason for not using it

@Flexgod would you please address this members question? Thanks in advance.


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Wow that’s aweful. Glad you were refunded but that should never have been sent. Thought we stopped sending crashed gear no matter what?


Looks like someone missed the memo. lol

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