My Intro and Advice is Appreciated

My Intro and Advice is Appreciated

Hey, I was pretty stoked to find a site to be able to talk about this stuff. I’ve been lifting for about 3 or 4 years now. I’m currently 21 looking to try my first cycle, despite what people have told me. I am 6 foot weighing at around 180 lbs. I obviously want to do as much research as I can before I even touch something.
I would like to try Test E at 250 mg per week. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated to help me start the cycle.


Welcome. I’d find someone to help mentor you. At 21 you’re still producing a lot of natural test. I know you’re going to do it so might as well keep it safe. Do as little as you can bro less is more. I like that you chose 1 compound to start with. Best of luck


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I agree with @PHD - you’re still too young AND you’re going to do it anyway, so you might as well be smart. Test only - not too much, aromatase inhibitors on hand, post-cycle therapy ready to go (an absolute must for you), clean pin technique, and get blood tests to check on things.

Your natural testosterone production will shut down completely on your first cycle and it may never come back at the same level. This happens for everyone but at your age, when your hormone system is still figuring things out, it can be catastrophic (there is almost no real science on post-cycle recovery despite what anybody says, BUT there are many tales on forums about young folks who cycle and screw up their natural test levels). If that’s what you prefer over waiting two or three years and taking advantage of what your body is producing naturally, nobody can stop you. You CAN minimize your risk, though: PCT, blood tests, and use as little as possible.

ugh. I sound like a Jewish grandmother.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother

To be completely honest at 21 your testosterone levels are probably going to be the same taking 250mg of testosterone. You will just shut yourself down for no reason.
The science shows you should wait until your 25 to even consider cycling.
If you’re really interested in running a cycle 500mg testosterone enanthate or cypionate should be a good start. The longer you wait the better it will be for you.


Welcome aboard brotha, like everyone stated before, your at that age where Test and IGF levels are peaking. At 250mg of exogenous test you would most likeys be going backwards in development. Look man I totally understand you wantO to start PEDs, I would start by getting base bloods done so we can see what were working with. Without that and me just throwing dosages out there can be problematic at your age.


My thoughts on this are different then most people. I started in my teens. Jay Cutler started at 18. Ronnie Coleman claims at around age 20. Lee Priest claims he started at 19 yet at that age most assume he had been on way before it.

Some of the biggest names in bodybuilding have all started early. But while most people will never push to be Mr Olympia they all started early and started somewhere. Regardless of the genetics involved.

I don’t believe there is any certain age to start but starting a safe way and educated on what they are doing is important.

We have the knowledge now that we didn’t have access to back in the mid 90s. So it can be done safely and effectively at any age.


Welcome bro!

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I believe that with testosterone it can be done safely at any age but when you start adding other compounds into the mix that aren’t chemically identical to the bodies natural production this is where real damage can be caused to your bodies endocrine system.

A testosterone cycle is very different than a test and any nor19 compound. A nor19 compound actually shuts your body down almost immediately and the shutdown is much harder to come back from because nor19 compounds like to hang around in the body for around a year sometimes longer depending upon many different variables.

I have more than a few friends that were once huge and running gear. Once they stop running gear there testosterone levels just never came back. This has given them ED it has caused many side effects that they deal with in life now.
Most are on trt at 30-40yrs old
So before you begin to run anything consider that you might end up needing to pin a trt dose of testosterone for the rest of your life once you begin to cycle.

I started at a very young age im not going to tell you to run gear or not to run gear its not my decision. I just want you to have as much information as possible before you make your choice.

If you have any questions about anything just post it up were here to help brother


I appreciate the welcome and all the thoughts put into this post. Now if I do go into a cycle at my age I will definitely just go on testosterone. I’ll go my bloods done within a couple of weeks and see if I can get any further advice, thanks guys.


There’s no reason regardless of the compound that your body’s system shouldn’t come back with proper pct and treatments.

Lee Priest has a daughter. Thousands of bodybuilders have kids and their natural testosterone returned. Including myself that after 20 years of cycles my natural test has returned.

This is where its about using current knowledge and proper pct. I don’t need TRT any longer if I don’t want it. My natural test and sperm production is above average. But it took months of hormone therapy to get it back up there.


I have to agree here. Me personally I like
Kids to get that foundation wait to about 25 but let’s be honest if they start young which they will they won’t listen to us lol they are going to blow up. Their test levels are going to sky rocket even at 250mg



I did only test at like 18 or 19 and got huge… 20 pounds

when i was that age i had tremendous gains on a sarm cycle. my chest blew up, arms blew up. added 50 to my bench in 60 days. personally i felt amazing about myself at that time.

Welcome to UGM! You came to the right place just in time… Like @TG said,we have increased our knowledge in bodybuilding that has skyrocketed… And like @Bigmurph said “you might be on trt for life”, that’s a lot of pinning, and a lot of scar tissue build up…
So here’s my .02 cents:
1: Get your diet squared away… at 21, if you’re not making gains, there’s something wrong with your diet and/or your lifting regimen…
2: Get a pwo like Redcon Totalwar, or Prefierce… Those ingredients are scientifically designed, so compare all others with these…
3: Get a high quality protien supplement, I mean high quality, not some cheap shit, do the research…
Redcon MRE is good clean stuff. (not pushing redcon, it’s just quality stuff)…
Bottom line, if you’re planning on making bodybuilding competition a career that takes serious dedication, commitment, money, time, money, then by all means, pin your ass off… Otherwise take the advice from these extremely knowledgeable peers, it’s what you came here for… Let us know what you decide to do, and keep us posted on your progress… Good luck little brother!!


BTW, everyone here is still learning something new about training results, either from personal experience, or experience from training others… I didn’t know shit about proper lifting or diet before I trained with a buddy who went on to take Mr Nevada in 89’… My point is, your lifting ‘buddies’, if you have any, are probably the same age, and therefore do not have the experience you need, and give advice that could injure or be a waste time… I would contact someone like :thinking: :thinking:@PHD, or email Frank Zane (yeah, he’s still sharing and training)… So if you’re truly serious, you need someone with serious experience that has trained multiple body types so you are making every lift and every meal count… Although there are basics that apply to every body, not everything works for every body ‘type’… Now, stop reading the shit I wrote and get to work!!

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