My Introduction Post

Ive creeped around this forum the past few days and it seems like a really cool community, so I decided to join.

Im a 22 year old, 6’1 male whos been lifting consistenly for about a year now. I know that isn’t very long but you have to start somewhere right? Ive been natty the whole time but I’m looking to change that soon. Part of my reasoning for that is I just have literally some of the worst genetics for lifting Ive ever seen. Very prone to weight gain due to obesity as a child, terrible fat storage genetics, very little natural muscle mass, the list goes on. Not trying to use that as an excuse, it’s just the truth.

As far as diet and training goes, it’s pretty simple. I run a 4 day push/pull split with cardio on my off days. I train at my house so most of my training revolves around weighted bodyweight exercises, dip bars, and a pull up bar. I try to keep my diet pretty clean while also eating foods I enjoy just to stay sane lol. Chicken, salmon, beef, eggs, and mixed vegetables are my staples. Im also not trying to compete or be a professional bodybuilder or anything like that, just look good with my shirt off.

I think that just about covers my intro, so cheers and I look forward to joining the community!


Welcome sir

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I’ll go ahead and tell you pretty much what you’re about to hear:

You’ve come to a great place. Lots of knowledge here. Listen up. Read up.

You’re 22. I wouldn’t recommend anyone starting gear that young. You’ve only been lifting for a year. Your body has so much more to give before you need to enhance, Good or bad genetics. I simply don’t think it’s time.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

Somethings to keep in mind:
This hobby is dangerous. No way around it. Are you prepared to accept the risk? Can you handle the risk? Financially? If your body doesn’t respond to PCT and you can’t restart your natural production are you stable enough to run TRT for life? For life. That’s a lot of sticks.

Just food for thought.


I figured I was going to get told that a lot haha. I understand Im young and all, but as long as I do everything as safely as possible and only stick to plain old test, I personally think the reward outweighs the risk. I would for sure be doing before and after cycle bloods, and making sure I have everything needed for a 12 week cycle on hand before I even pin once. But as far as I understand, test only cycles are relatively safe to do so long as you do them right. And as far as being on TRT for life goes, that honestly sounds like a blessing lol. I had just my test levels tested last summer out of curiosity and theyre low enough for a 22 year old male that I could easily get on TRT through an online clinic, but not low enough to be dr prescribed. I do appreciate the input though


Have you had it retested now that you’re training and have a tighter control of your diet?

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Someone else recently said this “relatively safe” statement. I think this is the wrong perspective.

Test only cycle is less dangerous than one with multiple compounds. There’s nothing inherently safe about shutting down your HTPaxis.


Welcome aboard. You are a young man so let’s be very careful on the path we choose


As @NeuroRN said, there are no “safe” compounds. There are less dangerous choices out there.



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Welcome to the UGMuscle.

Bloodwork is gonna be key to keeping the estrogen in check. Gotta see how you respond to it.
I don’t know how or even if having gyno as a child is going to be effected by a cycle.
I would do some more research on that subject before you start a cycle. Ask some endocrine doctors possibly and see what they have to say.
But research and bloodwork and having everything on hand before you begin is gonna be the smart approach to your first cycle.
Plan everything. And plan for possible mistakes. Meaning have some extra items on hand just in case.
Just my .02.

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Not yet, the plan as of now is to wait until Im ready to run a cycle, then check them out again

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How much do you weigh now sir?

What was your test the last time it was checked?

I believe you should hold off for at least one year. You’re still making great gains as a novice.

Do you track your macros… record everything that you eat?

Are you using progressive resistance…using heavier weights?

I’ve said this before. You do NOT have to be using aas to be a full fledged participating member of this community. Heck most of us are on trt doses or cruising or off more than we’re on cycle. This is every bit a site about training and appropriate diets than aas.

My recommendation is hold off on aas and participate in this community… ask many questions. They will all be answered. Get to the bottom of your gyno issues. Dial in your diet and training. Get some blood labs to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed. This is all a process that takes careful planning and execution.


I weigh 170 rn as I just finished a cut. Test levels were 400 when I got them checked

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How often would you recommend blood work? Or just if i’m experiencing high e2 sides?

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I assume thats 170 pounds. A 400 test level is not terrible but it should be higher for your age.

Definitely get a full blood panel now. Do you have insurance? Do you have a regular primary physician?

Yes to both questions however my doctor is a bitch and for some reason won’t let me get blood work done outside of the normal stuff for vitamin levels and whatnot, so I have to pay out of pocket to get my test levels and stuff checked. That’s why i was planning on waiting until I’m ready to run my first cycle before getting bloods done again

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There’s a lab lots of folks use for test and estrogen.

I believe roidtest and a couple more that are reasonable.

Will your doc at least get you liver kidney function?

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