My last powerlifting meet

So im new to this board but have been using symbiotec for a bit now. My last powerlifting meet i used only symbios gear. I ended up winning my division which was submaster @198. Now i wouldve like my numbers to be higher but i will say that i slacked a little on my training. I ran test e at 500 wk and tren e at 400 a wk. then i had to cut 20lbs in the last 4 wks to make weight and i used his clen along with another sources T3 which i think affected my overall lifts. My nxt meet is dec 1 and i only plan on having to cut 10 lbs so ill be crushing my old numbers.


Great job! Thanks for sharing your success. It most feel good and I hope you have more good news to share in the future.


We will be looking forward to hearing positive news from you around December 1st… good luck wish you the best!



Dear @Kingswole

We are looking forward to your next competition results :weight_lifting_man:


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Nice work bro. Keep us posted how the next meet goes. What do you plan to cycle?

cutting weight will always affect strength! i prefer to do it mostly through a water cut after water loading the week before the comp but then you run the risk of not being fully hydrated (unless you run an IV). orals also help strength a lot too