My log and weigh in (day one)

Test cyp-200mg (starting dose)
Dbol 40-50mg
HT 5’11
Today I weigh in at 167.4lb
pretty solid/lean starting weight. I gained 3lbs since changing my diet a week ago.
All Protein Intake at the moment is at about a 150-200g, I’ve been eating good grains, couscous, oatmeal, rice ECT.
50 g protein from shakes.
That’s huge considering I was maybe getting 50 g 1 meal a day.(I’ve been following some of your diets/logs)
I’m constantly eating all day and feeling full throughout. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day now and I’m getting pretty cut up naturally and been maxing out on my sets at the gym. Now don’t laugh but I’m at 45lb free weight bench press but that’s with proper form. Still getting my routine down.I hit it hard, I don’t play around and stare at myself in the mirror the whole time,but maybe that will change soon :wink:
Started my supplements today lol so I’ll keep you guys posted. Pretty soon I’ll be hitting the 100lb dumbbells like paper weights.
I have to say that I’m looking forward to the power and the physique I desirer but I already feel a tremendous change in my sate of mind and energy since I’ve started implementing the shit I’ve learned from you guys here and I want to say thanks. I can actually keep up with the kids. This is after only a week to ten days.:+1:

Now my goal also is to contribute to the forum and not be a bottom feeder and this is my way of doing that. I’ll update this log weekly,if I slack say something cause I know one of you will lol gives me some accountability.
Be safe


Good luck :muscle:

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Get those gainz brother

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Today I weigh in at 168.3.
My Dbol dose is at 0 today, I was having bad migraines and was feeling loopy, weird headspace. I started off at 40 mg then tapered down to 20 while still feeling the sides. I read somewhere to stop for a day or so and restart at a lower dose and gradually work my way up and find the sweet spot, so thats what we’re doing.
My test cyp dose is at 300mg week, then we are going to be at 400mg by next week.
Family and friends are noticing a drastic change in my physique, they are like damn bro you look big. I don’t know what to tell them and the shit hasn’t really started to kick in yet lol I definitely feel lean and healthy but the Dbol took away my appetite, I’ve been force feeding. I’m definitely a lot leaner and solid. I’m eating healthy. Need to work on my form and routine.
I feel a lot more confident going into this and utilizing this forum as a tool.

Side note SRX dbol is potent, good stuff.Im hitting the gym 3 times a week. Diet is up to par with what is suggested.

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Tonight I weigh in at 172.2 I have a little body fat in my abdominal area.

I’m dosing my test C at 450 2x a week Monday and Friday.

40 mg Npp started Monday eod (frm @paramexer) until find my sweet spot.

Armidex .5 mg mon thur

I stopped the Dbol after experiencing migraines and my eyes were on fire and I had an odd head space four days in.
I’m waiting for my Dbol pills that are 10mg tabs and I’m going work my way up to find my sweet spot if I have one lol

I introduced NPP at 40mg eod and so far my body is responding really well. I was doing a roofing job(tear off and install) and it was brutal as I haven’t done intense labor since leaving my tunnle job 3 years ago and I have bad joint pain for my age and tendonitis from Jack hammering and running a 30lb chipping gun for many of those years.

I did a 40 mg shot NPP for breakfast yesterday and 4 hours in the job my back elbows and wrist were killing me, I thought I was going to have to call it a day then I start to feel the pain subside and I was truly amazed because usually I’m almost in such pain in the days following where I’m almost in tears and I can’t even pick up my 30lb toddler and I’m no sissy by any means I have just destroyed my body as a laborer. Anyways this shit helped me, it truly is a miracle compound. I have always just sucked it up bcz of no insurance and it would cost hundreds if not thousands go to the ER. I will always have a bottle of this on hand, it’s only 20+$, it’s the best 20$ I have ever spent. It’s also helped after gym workouts. It’s way better then the steroids the doctors gave me.

I’m still following optums guidelines as far as using the armidex and PCT.

Now I had some gyno issues before I started my cycle for many years now off and on (sore/tenderness in bottom left breast) and I have now learned that this should have been resolved before my cycle after searching in the forum but I never mentioned it as I thought it was due to low test and me taking test would improve it.
I have taken clomid twice since my cycle began and it went away but I noticed after a few days when the clomid is out of my system it returns. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

All in all I’m pleased I’m taking the less is more approach. I may just run Npp and test and introduce Deca as it’s a longer ester version as Npp and I’ll drop the Npp when Deca kicks in as I understand running both of these would only yield knarly sides.

I may just run test, it’s obvious that’s why I felt like shit for the last few years bcz my test levels were shot. I love how I feel.
So it didn’t go as planned but I’m listening to my body. I’m still getting good results. People keep complimenting my physique. I’m normal 155-160 I’ve put on almost 12 solid pounds since changing my diet I put on a few pounds before I even started my cycle.
I feel like a beast and my sex drive is like it was when I was a teenager, I feel fucking great. The wife loves going to pound town lately too. Hahah

Thanks to all you guys and girls sharing your experience and posting your logs they have helped me on this cycle.


Ill posts couple of pictures tommorow.


Really great job! Keep up the discipline


Very informative brother. Keep chasing those gains. Time to Get Big. As far as the gyno issue. I’m probably not much help there. Seems like I’ve read of others using Nolvadex for the same situation during cycle.

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Yeah I used the nolvadex twice as well and the gyno issue subsides. But yeah that’s why I posted see what our vets experience/solution is. I really don’t want to have to buy a sports bra for this cycle.
Thanks brother :facepunch:

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Caber or aromasin after blood work to see if its progesterone or estrogen

You think this is a sufficient test since I’m mid cycle I did not see any reason for a testosterone test (Estradiol & Progesterone (E2 & Pg) Female Hormone Test | Saliva Hormone Test Kit for Women) @Bigmurph?

I would just get the home test from roidtest that tests e2 and pg

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Alright good deal. I ordered one.

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I look forward to seeing the kit and the results

I will definitely share and look forward to you guys sharing your input, thanks brother. I still need caber in my tool kit but I have just about everything else imaginable. Yeah blindly taking any anti-estrogens isn’t very smart lol I may end up just cutting my cycle short. But I’m curious to see what the numbers say.


Just an update on my log, I’m at 175 and I’ve leaned out a lot.
I dropped the SRX Dbol and I’m still running
SRX NPP 25mg a day
Paramexers Test c 400mg
Srx nolvadex 20 mg daily
I’ve also included paramexers 25 mg proviron daily, and paramexers aromasin 12.5mg 2xs a week.

I stopped posting as I was thinking about stopping my cycle early,but I seem to have the gyno or progesterone issue under control for now, the blood work will provide more insight. I should say it’s manageable it’s not progressing, nipples aren’t sensitive.I should have titrated with nolva and AI and did blood test before my cycle but I didn’t know any better, you live and learn. I definitely know what it feels like to crash your estrogen bcz I did that to lol haha not fun.

Anyways that’s my update. I Will my blood test results and from there I may run my cycle for a couple more weeks then PCT and that will be the end of this log. And then start the next one.

This is the result of pretty low doses and mild compounds. I could imagine if I ran 600mg+ test and some tren the results would have been magnified without blood work and proper knowledge so would the sides so I’m glad I didn’t go that route. This was a test run lol


Looking good keep up the progress brother

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Hey thank you,@Dirtnasty. You’ve made a lot of progress yourself man.

Looking good brother I don’t see gyno but it can creep up

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Yeah if it weren’t for you guys helping me out it could have been a different story. Some weird shit was starting to happen but the nolva and aromasin helped out a lot.

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