My planned pornstar cycle

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so im planning on starting my cycle in about two. at the moment im just on my trt dose which as prescribed as 300mg every 2 weeks and with the help of you gentlemen broke it into 150 per week which since then has helped tremendously. im not oily and breaking out. ive also thrown in 200mg per week of mast e until i start this cycle.

purpose: cut. im sitting about 15% at 215lbs now and wanna get down to 10% or lower bf

15 weeks
500 mg/week test c (2 shots of 250)
600 mg/week mast

week 10-15
add winny at 50mg/day

week 13-15
add flashes comp. blend 1 ml eod (50testp,50mastp,50trena) per ml

what do you all think

I’d run the tren cut mix from the beginning dosing at everyday. So maybe .5 ml everyday to keep bloods even and see how your body reacts to it. Run it first 8-10 then just test afterwards. Plus the test p will be in your body faster that way you won’t have to wait on the cyp. Haven’t used whinny but if I was I’d add it towards the halfway point of the tren to really finish everything out. But if your not low bf by halfway and diets not right I’d forget it all together. I’m running a similar cycle but with anavar. Just my opinion.


Also, probably can increase tren if you feel good some have bad sides I don’t really just sweats. But I’m a sweaty son of a bitch anyways so use to it.

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I’d lower the test. Higher Test = higher sides/water retention…
I’m a big fan of ‘less is more’.
From my personal experience, I’ve notice no different between running 5-600mg test vs 3-400 test (this includes running NPP and mast p at similar levels)…
Just something to think on.

that definitely makes sense

I’m really wanting to try npp next cycle. I have a buddy who loves it. How often do you pin it twice a week?

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yeah, 2x a week.

That’s a good amount of masteron are you running enanthate or propionate?
13-15 you will be running propionate and then you will be at 750mg a week??

I don’t believe that you running 750 is worth it if you’re running all propionate I would lower your dose in wks 13-15.

Im glad to hear that your trt is working well for you and I believe that this is a good cycle but I wouldn’t go that high with the masteron start off as low as possible and increase your dosage until you hit a sweet spot. You might get more from less.

When you use the winstrol you should be careful because your going to be very dry running a cycle like this you don’t want to have a tendon issue.

I run mast at 350 with good results. Buddy runs at 400 with good results but his having issues with his hair now. Guess just the difference in genetics. Less is always more.

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ill be using both esters. my plan was to start out with the enthanate and switch to propianate before i add the winny incase i run into problems/ sides. but yeah i think ill lower the dosage a little. thanks @Bigmurph

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Atleast with enanthate you won’t have to pin all the time and you can get a really good run out of this

with everyone’s help i think ill hit my goal


In my opinion,I would start flashes comp at wk 10-11.even for short easter,3 wks still too short.

Put the work in you will for sure. All how much you put in is how much you will get out.

You’re gonna spike test levels when you introduce test p so be careful with sides. Also since you’re already running mast, I would just continue running it all the way through to the 15 weeks for better hardening effects, because I’m assuming that’s what you’re using it for. Other than that brother sounds solid. Good luck!

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