My questions is about HGH use

My questions is about HGH use.

My goal is to lose this massive gut I have gained over the years. I put on weight and it goes directly to my stomach. I think i would feel better about myself if the weight I gained distributed itself evenly lol.

Is there a difference between Bodytropin & Somatropin?

Will this help with fat lose even if I cannot work out in the gym (gyms closed due to covid in my state).

Can this be taken while intermittent fasting?

Are there some brands or distributors that are better than others?

Once some is obtained, does it come with everything I need to start taking it or do other things needs to be purchased.

Any additional information is greatly appreciated.

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Sure GH will help you loose weight, but first and foremost you need to get your diet in check. Also just cause gyms are closed doesn’t mean you can’t work out, order some resistance bands for starters. Give yourself atleast an hour a day of a elevated heart rate, wether it’s cardio, pushups, pull ups, burners and so on… As for the GH I didn’t state your height, weight, goals so I can’t really recommend a certain dosage, me personally I stay on 4iu daily. I’d stick with sponsors on here for your GH. Also your gonna need bacteriostatic water to reconstitute your GH and slin pins, I use 31g 5/16" 1 mL.


Yeah it’s going to require many habit changes to achieve the results your looking for and your definitely going to have to put in some work. We can’t just put this stuff in our bodies and just hang out and eat Twinkies. Even with these compounds we all work diligently to achieve our desired look. Minimal effort, with change in diet will get you good results. I’m sure you already know this but I didn’t when I ran my first cycle.

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I’m not trying to be rude I’m just being honest. What’s your experience with AAS and GHs?

Intermittent fasting will bring up your hgh levels naturally also. Pick an 8 hour window to eat and the other 16 hours no eating. I use to do that before I jumped on compounds. Eating from noon until eight at night worked well for me I would have black coffee for breakfast and my first meal was lunch. You don’t want to eat an hour before or after you take your HGH injections because the insulin your body produces will block the affects of HGH. Also take it in the morning for weight loss. Mornings is when your natural cortisol is at its peak. The HGH will block that. Cortisol is what makes loosing fat so much trouble. And like the guys are saying. Lifestyle change. No magic pills. But this will get you to your goals faster


lol, 2020 twinkies dont taste as good as 90s twinkies. I also wised up to all the bullshit that goes into sweet snacks as i got older. My eating habits aren’t shit i have fried food here and there and something sweet as well but not tons of it. My issue during quarentine was drinking.

I know once i get back to properly intermittent fasting i can cut the weight, because I’ve done it before. A year before my wedding i started IF, roughly 5-10 minutes of HIIT on a treadmill. Would deadlift, Squat and benchpress and jump rope between sets and I dropped like 40lbs. So getting back to that, and adding hgh i feel like I’ll get to where i wanna be.

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Thanks for the tips, i am looking at getting the flashtropin.

At the moment bodyweight exercises are out of the question due to a hand ligament injury. And i definitely prefer the rush if lifting weights at the gym. I honestly may invest in laying concrete in a section of my back yard and gettinf a smith machine where i can deadlift, squat and bench press and ditch the gym memembership.

I am 6’1" and 251 last i checked. I know based on medical standards i should be at 185ish. I honestly want to get to 205, and if i get down to 185 thats fine but I’m not pressed for it.

I already intermittent fast (gotta get strictly back on track, shit when out the window with this pandemic) and I’ve done a great job of limiting the bullshit i eat (sugary foods, fried foods, anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup, etc).

My goal is to just lose this belly fat, slight gains are cool as well, but if hgh in conjunction with healthy eating and consistency working out can slim this belly down I’m all for it.

Also, does taking hgh cause your body to reduce the natural production of it?

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There’s a guy @Optumpharma he’s pretty good at putting together cycles he may be able to get you taken care of he will definitely need additional information and he can get you set up to achieve your goals


@Rusty Yea, that is was I was doing prior to quarentine. The 16/8 and some weeks I would fast for 48 or 72 hours. Not really a coffee person, so i would do water with a splash of apple cider vinegar and it would hold me over until my lunch or until my daily fast was done. Only issue i would have is when the wife would cook. She’d ask why i wasn’t eating. She didnt like the idea of fasting.

But, yes i know there is no magic pill nor overnight solution. Short of liposuction and I’m not gping that route unless health requires me too.

Definitely didnt take it as rudeness. My initial post does make me seem like a lazy bum lol.

I have zero exp. I actually stumbled across hgh while browsing the darkweb. Saw something called bodytropin. Read the description and saw it contained somatropin and saw what HGH does.

After my read, the fact that it assist with leaning out even with small doses and minimal side effects or long term problems peaked my interest

I definitely know this isnt a cure all and i gotta work for my goals. I’m not just gunna wake up 50 lbs down. But if it gives me more of an ability to get my ideal look, I’m all for it.

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Welcome you are in the right place man, we all work together here and we want to see you achieve your goals safely. I didn’t know shit, still don’t know that much but these guys have helped me tremendously to learn how to do this properly and safely. So welcome aboard man. Look forward to seeing you progress. Sounds like you got the dieting down and workout just looking to enhance your routine once you start.

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Glad to have you here. First off, what are some of your questions and concerns so we can address those first before putting together a protocol for you.

Thank you!


Don’t get shit off the dark web. You don’t know what your getting and cannot trust reviews. I also use @Optumpharma. Any sponsors here are trustworthy. I am currently running hgh and some other goodies. People here are in it for everyone’s benefit. And to help people with quality products and advice. We hate to see people get hurt by fake shit or putting together wrong compounds or taking too much etc. this is the safest place you will find for achieving your goals in a healthy way.



Well first and foremost, authenticity. Definitely dont wanna purchase something and it’s fake. Was thinking of going with Flashtropin. (Actual big Flash fan so I feel like it was a sign lol)

Is HGH safe to inject when fasting? (I know hgh productions peeks after a certain number of hours fasted)

Will injecting cause my body to stop producing its own after a while? (I have heard that taking supplements causes your body to stop producing its own, testosterone, melatonin are a few that come to mind)

I’m 6’1", 251lbs, my biggest goal is to shrink this gut. I am not apose to the muscle building but isnt my major goal. How much should i inject a day

Are there bad side effects with extended use ie: 6 momths, 9 months, a years, etc? (been seeing that 6 months is the time where you start to notice the physical appearance difference)

Can i still get weght loss benefits from hgh if i can’t hit the gym as much as i would like? I can still do Cardio, have a bike and jump rope at home. (Gyms in my state are closed, and bodyweight workouts are limited due to hand ligament tear)

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205 is a very good weight to shoot for, it will suppres natural production. Here’s a good read.

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Well first off thank you @trynalosethisgut15 for taking the right approach by asking questions before self medicating. I am just going to go down your bullets in answer accordingly!

1.) Flash is a great company with a great product, great reviews along with every sponsor here. So, you can’t go wrong with any validated sponsors on the board!

2.) HGH is safe when fasting. HGH only last up to 30mins upon sub-q administration. That is why it is advise to take 2-3 smaller doses as pulses through out the day! As HGH is mostly secreted while you get a great REM sleep. So, if we dose in the day we are positioning our body for steady HGH pulses non-stop.

3.) No, HGH will not cause you to drain your pituitary glad of the ability to produce it’s own natural source. HGH is a Peptide and AAS. I have reviewed blood work and have never seen any decline in production on HGH or any Growth factor peptide molecule.

4.) Given your overview i would suggest starting with 2iu’s. This would be administered every morning upon waking up. This would also only be on week days or 5 days on and 2 days off.

5.) Yes, just like with anything there can be side effects. My suggestion is a full male health screen and skin check prior to HGH. This is to check for cancer and any abnormalities you might have. Keep in mind HGH grows ALL CELLS- not just muscle so cancer can grow. But this is a RARE situation.

6.) I always suggest a straight year on HGH and after the age of 45 i recommend HGH, TRT and HCG therapy for life.

7.) Yes, 100% HGH is the all around drug. Meaning in simple terms, it heals, increases muscle tissue and helps aid in fat loss.

As always great questions and thank you for being on the board and anything we can ever do please let us know!


So just to be clear, a straight year of 2-5 ius 5 days a week and two straight days off?

Do you correlate any carb ups or heavy meals on the days off?

Also you said 2 iu in morning, but anything after workout (if it’s in the morning). What about more ius before bed? Or just one pin in the am?

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He’s just telling you how to get more bang for your buck, it’s more effective and your levels will be more stable throughout the day pinning multiple times a day.


@Jobie5 I will echo the pre hgh lab work importance. Also the importance of lab work after a few months of HGH administration. Hgh raises my prolactin significantly, but I only discovered this because of my blood work.

As far as sponsors go, if they are part of UGM they are top notch.


Well, that sucks. I have some blood work coming up In about 14 days for Endo, I am type 2. I have been on hgh for 5 months straight, about 5-6 ius in total administered 3 x a day.

If I wanted to be sure my body is back to normal in these labs, is 14 days enough to detox from the hgh affects?

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