Nandroxl review BIGMURPH

*Has the product been used? For how long?
I have used the product it is ephedrine hcl amps 50mg/ml and nandrolone base 50mg/ml androchem
10 rhimobolan not used

*Brief description of review
I used the ephedrine hcl amps during a ECA stack that I ran to prepare for a previous cycle trying to cut as much as possible before starting my run.
I used the nandrolone base at 50mg pwo here and there during my cycle. I didn’t think that it was going to do much I was wrong the nandrolone base gave me great workouts. I believe that it definitely helped me during every workout I used it before especially those days when you are still really hurting from the day before.
The 10 rhimobolan were fake and nandroxl is the one who told me that they were fake. If he hadn’t I would still believe that they were real lol they were amazing counterfeiters and as soon as nandroxl found out he was already reshipping products and making refunds. A top notch sponsor

*Communication & Ordering process
Nandroxl is really easy to work with did everything through email. Just told him what I needed and he got it out to me.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Delivery was 2 days and was packed great no broken amps or vials.

*Items ordered
1 androchem nandrolone base 50mg/ml
50 ephedrine hcl amps 50mg/ml
10 rhimobolan amps

*Product effectivenes and experience
Ephedrine hcl amps are amazing forget about the tabs once you try these you will never go back and as a pwo woooo lol
The nandrolone base another great pwo I really enjoy using this.
The rhimobolan was probably good eq or something but I didn’t use them.

*Additional commentary
Nandroxl actually contacted me and told me that he made a mistake. I have alot of respect for people who can admit that they made a mistake. I still use nandroxl to this day when I need a product that would normally be a international product but I need it fast. The labs he carries are some of the top international brands and its all available domestic. It doesn’t get much more convenient.

*Rate with 1-10
**Communication -**10
**Payment processing -**10
**Order processing-**10
**Delivery -**10
**Shipping packaging-**10
**Product packaging-**10
**Product effectiveness -**8 only because of the rhimobolan but he deserves all 10s

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
I would recommend this sponsor to anyone looking for high end labs that you can only usually find international. I do reccomend that everyone atleast check out his list its a special list.


Thank you for review !!!

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You purchased this product and didn’t use? At what time frame did you purchase, item shipped, and informed product was fake?

Fast I don’t actually remember this was over a year ago. You might not have even been a member yet lol
I don’t remember those exact facts but it was fast hrs possibly a day.
I still have all 10 boxes of fake rhimobolan those pictures I just took.

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