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From site owners is an advanced online pharmacy specializing in the field of high quality anabolic steroids and other health related pharmaceutical items.


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Some drama seems to be going on over at eroids right now with new members (possibly fake complaints) stating they havent received packages and eroids is deleting negative comments.

I personally have used naps many times I actually just received a 100 clomiphene by cipla 100 Nolvadex by biochem and 60 .5 caber by sun pharma. 11 days shipping. I have another order on the way for 200 dragon pharma Proviron and 200 aromasin. My second pac is 20 bm pharmaceutical testoviron and 30 bm pharmaceutical sustanon.

I have been using naps for almost a decade there have been ups and downs but I have always received everything I paid for and sometimes more than I paid for. A little story I placed an order put the wrong zip code didn’t realize until everything was shipped this was a 1g order give or take. They reshipped this order for me no questions asked even though it was my fault.

I will say naps is g2g just don’t order during Dec or Chinese new year and shipping will be fast. You can also get great promos 30-50% off most of the time.

I think that everyone should take a look

Good luck and good gains brothers

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