review BIGMURPH

*Has the product been used? For how long?
All products have been atleast partially used.
I do have some leftovers and will be ordering more for my next cycle.
My cycle was 17wks of usage of the products.

*Brief description of review
Testoviron 200-400mgs 1-17wk and then used the rest to cruise
Prominate 400-800mgs 17wk
Proviron 50mg split ed until I ran out and got more
MHN 4wk 10mg-30mg upping my dose

*Communication & Ordering process
Easy as always ive used for along time and have had many issues but many orders over the years. Everything has always been taken care of by the naps help ticket team. Those girls are great at what they do as long as you handle the situation the correct way.
Ordering just as easy website is great and extremely easy to use.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Packages arrived at different times the BM products and provironum took around 14 days. The geneza MHN took closer to 21 days. I remember only that it was less than 21 days because after 21 days I would have submitted a help ticket and I didn’t need to.
Packaging is always solid ive never had an issue with breakage of orals or oils.

*Items ordered
150 amps of BM pharmaceutical prominate
100 amps of BM pharmaceutical testoviron
5 bags of geneza MHN
200 tabs of provironum German remedies

*Product effectivenes and experience
The BM products I tested both with roidtests and the prominate I tested 4 different times.
Every test was positive.
The quality of the BM products is amazing especially for the price. The testoviron is just as good as my Bayer testoviron and the prominate surpassed my expectations of what primobolan was going to be able to do.
The provironum is ny German remedies this is the same as Bayer proviron its just the India version and has a different brand name. The provironum was top notch pharma grade couldn’t have been happier.
The MHN from geneza was also a great product. In 4wks I achieved some really solid gains but not alot of mass but more of a cut and hard physique looking forward to using more in my next cycle.
Started the cycle at 208 ended the cycle 220+ starting bf%15 ending bf%12.
I honestly gained 8-10lbs of solid muscle in 17wks.

*Additional commentary
I have used forever and I have never been let down never received a subpar product. Ive had issues but they were all always taken care of as quickly as possible and I was taken care of for my troubles.
I will continue to use as long as they are around.

*Rate with 1-10
**Communication -**10
**Payment processing -**9
**Order processing-**10
**Delivery -**10
**Shipping packaging-**10
**Product packaging-**10
**Product effectiveness -**10
Payment is tough using btc with only 15 minutes to complete everything.
Delivery could be a 10 if everything came in the same package but its just not possible.

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
I would recommend this sponsor to anyone


Could you please explain the reasoning that it can’t come in one package? I’ve never ordered but curious why you said this

Safety purposes bro. Big orders are split up.


Big red flag!

Glad to hear some feedback on BM Pharm. Those prices can’t be beat. I think I might just have to stack up on some of these. Thanks @Bigmurph

Its my favorite brand because of price and quality. It was cheaper I can’t talk cost but it was 40% off now its 30% off

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I’ve almost used naps several times but after that fiasco where they got hacked and their customer info was posted on the web I was scared away. I really came close anyway because they had great prices and sales on expiring products. They have one of the best selections too. I’ve heard plenty of bad reviews too but most seemed like they could be competitors trying to get a part of the large market share that naps has.

I went through the hack the shutdown of the site the promos I forget what they were called but took like 4 months and 6 months and the other I got in 10 days but the promos they had in the past were basically just giving away everything.
It has been a crazy almost 8yrs using naps but ive always gotten what I paid for plus more so ive used others but always go back.
About to order another soon

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That is a very good price on the BM primo. I have a quick question about it since you have it personally. Is it in a peanut oil carrier? I ask because I had some deca from BM and noticed that it was peanut oil. Now that doesn’t affect me other than that it was quite thick. That doesn’t really matter to me either, I’m used to almost exclusively using USA pharmacy grade gear because I have a great doctor. But for someone with a peanut allergy that would be a lethal injection. I had to look up the name it listed on the package and amps, arachis (spelling?) oil is what I think it listed it as, don’t hold me to that I may have the name wrong it’s been a year and a half ago. I did notice that naps had a really good price on the Alpha-Pharma primo right now too. Either one would be a good deal if I needed any primo but I’m stocked up on that right now, plus it makes my hair fall out unfortunately. Thanks for the in depth review.

The prominate is actually in 100% EO which is ethyl oleate
I have no idea if I spelled it right but some do have an allergic reaction to EO I personally have no problems with it

I believe that the alpha pharma is also 100% eo

All Bayer testoviron and rhimobolan is in archahis oil I believe also i know that the neibido is

I actually had it hit my hair hard but it has grown back and I also get horrible acne from primo. They always say no side effects thats bs but it is an amazing compound

I had the same experience. The hair grew back. I hate to take the risk of it being permanent though, I like my hair too much. I didn’t experience the acne however. I loved, loved the way it made my physique look, I can see why it has the reputation it has.

If I ever do lose my hair I will start to use Drostanolone alot more lol
Until then im going to stick with primo one more go around.
Im stocking up now for the next run

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