Nba finals

Anyone watch the nba?
I’ve been a Lakers fan all my life.

I think it’s going to be another repeat this year.
The Warriors vs Cavs in the nba finals for the 3rd straight year.

Currently as I’m typing this up… the celtics are getting their ass handed to the cavs (no surprise)
41 point lead at the half…

Who you guys got winning the 2017 NBA Championship?

I’m distraught as a Celtics fan rn. The finals will be the Cavs vs. Warriors, but I hate repeats. Hopefully, the Warriors avenge their loss from last year’s Finals.

Dam…and isaiah thomas wont be playing anymore this post season
So sad to see players go out with injuries

3 years in a row, we’ll see gsw vs cavs
We’ll see…i think gsw will win this year but lebrons been playing amazingly…

I completely agree with everything you said. The only horrid game that LeBron had was last night going 4-11 in the field. Geez, if he has a continuous streak like that with GS, your presumption may be correct.

that was a very… surprising game to say the least :joy:
was not expecting the celtics to win a game in this series

Most of the conspiracy theorists would agree with you. They remark that the game was rigged so that more viewers could sit through more commercials and generate revenue.

Welp, who would’ve expected that the Finals include the Cav’s vs GS? *eye roll

How about somebody guess as to who will take it but specify which Game #?

3rd rematch in a row… woo hooo…

I think GSW wins this year in game 6!

if LeBron can win this year, i think it’ll solidify his career and hush all haters.

After seeing the first 2 games go down they way they have, do you still believe that there would be a game 6?

GSW to win on Game 5, June 12th, just so they can celebrate at home; they will purposefully lose one game to the CAVS for the series to be 4-1.

Guess it takes one full year for individuals to acquire amnesia. /s

I do believe that KD is now the new element different from last year’s finals, so I will give the Warriors’ fans that.

We will see how this unfolds.

Aaaand, you spoke too soon. Bet you were anticipating a come back just like last year, huh @escapewithniko? Valiant effort, but this time the victory goes to Golden State. But as a good sport - commended effort on the Cavs and LeBron for how they played. Round III next year.

Looks like we will be reviving this thread in a year. Best of luck to all your basketball teams, gent’s.

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