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Hi! I’m 33, 147 and 5’4. I’m training with an awesome coach, in a decent deficit and high activity. I need to drop about 10 to get into a reverse before I start my first prep. I’ve been training for 2.5 years and lost overall 65 pounds without help, but these last 5 months I am exhausted and stalled. I’ve reversed before this cut so my endocrine function is well. I am curious how long Anavar stays in the system. We are looking at a spring show but haven’t selected a federation or show yet and I don’t know if I need to be concerned if I do a 6-8 week cycle now


Welcome to ugmuscle sister I believe its good to have you around if you have any questions you can tag me in by typing @Bigmurph or you can tag in other members also

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@Bigmurph Good thing you said sister, I thought it was a dude, I was like what, 147 in caloric deficit.


Welcome @Ndellap

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These are the normal times for detection but therd always coming up with new technology to test even sooner.

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Welcome aboard.

Welcome. Glad to have you.

@Ndellap first off very excited to have you here.

I would really like to have blood work if you have if not. Can you please provide your diet and cycle history along with what catagory you will be in. Thank you and look forward ti helping.

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Welcome! Murph sent you a great list there. We’re glad to have you here.

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Welcome to the board.
Enjoy it. Lots of great people here and informative ones.

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Welcome aboard!

you also need to know the type of testing you may be subjected to, some places only test for a certain compound, some test for basically everything, some random test, and then a few of them do lie detector testing, just some more stuff to consider. welcome to ug btw!!!


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