Need advice and wisdom

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Looking in to Homebrew just for personal use. I have some experience in it I guess, we used to make tren ace back in the day with finaplex conversation kits. I’m guessing it’s kinda the same. Either way I’m very interested and have no guidance on the subject. I would love some insight and good information about it. I have no idea where to start but I would love to make my own gear just to cut out the middle man and peace of mind anyone serious about teaching me or possibly point me in the right direction. It would awesome thanks ugm family :metal::muscle:

There is brewing forums out there on other boards that have specific recipes, google is certainly your friend there man! I personally can’t help as I don’t do it - just figured I’d let you know that a few sponsors here sell all the stuff you need, and I believe HU Pharma has semi finished stuff that you just need to filter.

Good luck!

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Thanks brother

Just keep in mind that all your doing is making a injection perperation. The hard part is already done. I could spam all the info I know but its all stuff I got from reddit homebrew and another forum. Its a very simple process that just takes a close attention to detail.

Here’s one of the oldest sites that got a lot of people going.

Myself and I know many others that learned from here. Some sources will even help you if buying from them.

There’s only a handful of places to get supplies from. Here’s one.

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Thanks really appreciate it :+1:

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