Need help with a solid plan

So I’m looking to run a very basic 500mg/wk of Test E or C for 1 weeks. I don’t want to run HCG. Now I’ve read a bunch of info and I fear some may be old school thought. But I’m not sure. I’m going to get Adex and Nolva. So here goes. Do I just keep the Adex in case it’s needed after 4-5 week test? What is the Nolva dose for weeks 12-16? And do I also need Clomid?? I see a lot of references to both so I’m confused. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Also is there anything that anyone may change???


Check bloods mid way I just use my ai when I start to get a little itch In my nipple now. Prefer a bit higher estrogen than lower. Hoping to get away with 12.5 aromisin e3d on my next cycle


Bloodwork will give you the for sure answers. We’re all different. Some guys need no ai at that dose, some need a bit. I’d start without and 4 weeks in get bloodwork and start ai if needed according to results

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If this is your first cycle testosterone e or c is a great choice I personally prefer enanthate during a cycle and cypionate while cruising.

I believe that you should get nolvadex, clomiphene and adex but skip the hcg for first cycle.

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Proper pct is
4wks long
You start 2-6 wks after your last pin but your using just testosterone so start 2wks after your last pin
Wk1 100mg/40mg
Wk2 100mg/40mg
Wk3 50mg/20mg
Wk4 50mg/20mg

Now this is debatable but not during your first cycle. If you can use both without side effects that will work the best. If you look up the side effects and you start to have them try pulling that compound and see if it helps if not add it back in to the regimen.
I believe unless you start to get gyno symptoms you shouldn’t start a aromatase inhibitor until blood work is done because you will crash your estrogen and ruin your cycle. A bit above range on estrogen is good because estrogen is anabolic and helps you grow muscle.

If you have any specific questions tag me in by typing @Bigmurph


Thank you @PNWmuscle

Thank you @Bigmurph. This is solid detail. I’m sure I’ll be reaching back out to you and everyone for something else I’ll need clarification on


Thats what were here for brother and then you can pass your knowledge you learned onto someone else coming in on there first cycle.



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@Bigmurph the 100/50 you listed, was that for Clomid? Asking cause most people sell in 20/25mg increments so that’s 4-5 a day of just that

The clomiphene I like is made by cipla and is available in 100mg and 50mg
It just depends on where you’re looking

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@Bigmurph there’s no issues with taking both at once?? Clomid and Nolva that is

So im not a doctor and your not my patient but from my experience I have no problems taking them together especially if you don’t want to be on trt or have gyno issues.
Clomiphene gives you a big boost in natural production. Nolvadex helps prevent gyno from forming while you have no naturally produced testosterone. The nolvadex also has the ability to help make natural levels come back not as strong as clomiphene. Some doctors will try a clomiphene blast before starting trt to see if it will get the natural production going again before going to trt for life.

Ok I was just making sure it wasn’t an either/or situation and I was reading it wrong

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No problem brother im here to help

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