Need help with chest development

Need help with chest development

Hey guys, I’ve always had trouble developing my chest. Especially the upper chest. I have switched routines numerous times with not much gains. I broke my collar bone some years back and after that was never able to bench press without pain in my shoulder. I’m not sure what else to do. Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks guys!

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Are you training with titan training sir?
I have to change the category if not?
@PHD is this one of your guys?

No. Did I post this in the wrong spot. Sorry I’m new

No problem I will switch it for you

Thank you @Bigmurph

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No he’s not a client of mine

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He was just posted in titan training so I put him in the training category he is new to the community
Thanks brother

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I hurt my shoulder a few years back and switched to Arnold press on incline and RG on barbell bench. If you’re struggling with upper chest focus on incline presses. The internal rotation with the Arnold press keeps my shoulder tight and pain free. What type of programs have you tried?

Oh i see. I know I looked at title and i guess you already moved. Good looking out

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I do use a lot of incline but almost always my shoulders will take over. I feel the initial pump in the upper chest but lose it fast. I almost exclusively follow Seth Feroce online and follow his program

Slow down your reps so you can focus on the muscles being activated. Change angle slightly til you find the right angle that works for you. Try 21s on incline press. I’m not familiar with whose program you mentioned but tey changing it up til you find something that works. Change frequency, volume, etc. for 4 weeks at a time til something improves your results.

Thanks @BigDogg for the tips

Machines are a great option as well, hammer strength and other plate loaded leverage machines have come a long way and do an excellent job putting mass on your chest.

New gym I’m at has plenty of these machines and I feel I’m going to like using them for going to failure without risking getting stuck under heavy weight

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Yes I definitely think I need to move to more machine training. I thought time under tension training with free weights would do the trick but I was wrong

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Nk doubt brother

I use alot of machines, I know a lot of other guys do to. I do incline presses on the smith machine quite a bit as well. I hardly do any flat presses and prefer dips to decline presses, although I do use decline presses. You mentioned Feroce, he talks alot about how using incline builds a nice upper upper chest, and he’s right. I also do cable crossovers to finish chest out, I get really good muscle/mind connection on those.

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