NeuroRN covid lockdown log

The recent contest made me realize how beneficial it is to have some accountability for staying dedicated and chasing the pursuit of progression.

I didn’t alter my plan bc of any negative sides or unwanted outcomes… actually kind of the opposite. Prior to this I had only run EQ and Test, and some var. over 12 weeks I saw my body do things I really liked.

For the last 12 weeks I ran multiple sponsors and I want to give credit where it’s due:

Tpp/Npp from @GearChurch- 350wk
EQ from and @GearChurch-
Proviron from and @Ashop (Balkan) at 50-75

I also have been using dbol and tne from a recently banned sponsor that I had great results from.
Also used the nandrolone base that @Raphael3636 had @SRx cook up for me.

Over all… a great cycle. Will do it again. I gained 12-13lbs, and lost 2% of body fat.

So here’s the change…
EQ will be dropped.
Test P @ 350 a week.
( @Flashlabs)
Tren A @350 a week.
(@Flashlabs, and pharmaqo-pending delivery and roidtest)
NPP @125 a week mainly for joint relief.
( @Flashlabs)
TNE and TREN (Dutch) base 50mg a day for the first two weeks. Then I will use it as I used the nandrolone base. Several times a week, on major lift days. Still have some dbol inject I’ll use as well.
HCG 250 twice a week.
Proviron 50mg daily.
I plan on running this for a Minimum of 8 weeks. With enough on hand to run out to 12.

I am considering adding mast P (flash) the last 4 weeks. I also have var and winstrol on hand that is up for consideration.

I have caber and will continue to use .5 twice a week.

Have aromasin on hand. Nolva and clomid on hand.

Will continue with 200mg daily of glutathione, NAC, turmeric, omega-3’s, b6, and metformin.

There’s 100% chance I just overlooked something in this initial write up. It’s night 3 at work so my brain is a bit mushy. All question and suggestions welcome as always.

I’ll write up the diet and workout as it comes… welcome to the weird training and sleep schedule of a Night shift nurse!

Thanks for following along. I’ll do my best to keep up.


I’m using test from gear church eq from srx prov from para and anadrol from optum I like to see. Next cycle is all injects from flash dbol to start from para and superdrol finish from gear church

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Haha I love it. I’m all about sharing the love to all the sponsors here.

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The tne igave been using is Dutch and para. Will be getting some blend from srx when I get my last bottle of eq

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I’m looking at some of those as well. I’ll probably pick up one soon.

What I do know is tren and PPE are a rough mix. I was in a covid room, and the only isolation gowns that kinda fit are essentially a trash bag with sleeves.

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@John what’s your thoughts on superdrol inj vs dbol inj as pwo? Do you alternate? Or stick with one?

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So I’ve only used superD inject once, and i had a issues with it,haven’t tried it since, I love oral, and I like actually running it, but don’t use it as pwo, I need it in me a few days consecutive to feel it when I workout,I do like the inject dbol as pwo, I feel like I can’t fit thru doors when I use it


I have used the dbol inj the past couple weeks. I feel like a Monster. I used it on leg day once and the Lower back pump was unbearable! I got some oral superD on the way from the competition. I didn’t know if superD needed to build.

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Oh yeah I throw ink dbol from Srx on some days as well for pwo I like to mix things up


The dbol pwo is super fun haha I mean I could barely wipe my face off after workout.


You’ve been doing a little sponsor whoring too lol

Nice log brotha :ok_hand:


I prefer sharing the love. :joy::joy::joy: been making small and large purchases here and there.

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Work makes meals a little tough. Sometimes it’s easy to get my food down… sometimes it is not.

Before work I had an 8 oz steak.

First meal was 8 oz of ground bison, and 1/2 cup of basmati rice.

The planned second meal was 6 oz of mushroom chicken and basamati rice… that turned into a protein bar.

Third meal was suppose to be more bison… that was a Gatorade and a fair life protein shake.

It’s usually hit or miss. It’s either feast or famine. Last night was a train wreck in a fun way (at least fun by Twisted icu nurse standards)

Will probably get chick fila on the way home.

Monday’s are a transition day.

I will be asleep by 9-10, and hopefully sleep until 3-4 pm.

Workout in the garage, walk the dogs. Eat steak for dinner.

Hopefully back to sleep by 11-midnight.

Tren and PPE are in fact a rough combo. :joy::joy: probably lost a few lbs of water weight last night. I use a whoop band to track recovery and strain… they rate your strain out of 24. Mine for work last night was a 14 (a Normal non cardio workout is 4-5 for me) so that means my recovery score will probably be low… meaning I’ll take it a little easier in the gym tonight.

Thanks for following. Sorry for the ramble.


Looks good, and everybody rambles buddy.


Ha ha fair enough, trying to avoid it being just one long stream of consciousness. I’ve never done a log so it will take me a few post to get it concise.


Going to throw my log up tonight when I get off work. Forgot to buy me a notebook to write progress down here


Decided to work an extra shift tonight. They threw out an extra 30/hr on top of overtime. No time to lift.

This is day 4 on the tren train… was REAL sweaty while I was trying to sleep today. But I also ate a lot of chick Fila right before I went to sleep. Worth it :joy::joy:

The combo of prop and tren Ace seems to pack more of a punch in the PIP department.

Also had crazy lower back pumps while coding a patient last night, walked around the rest of the night like I had something stuck in my butt. :joy:

I’m excited to see how this compares to the NPP run. Hopefully my honeymoon won’t get rescheduled again and I’ll finish this right in time to be extra shredded up.

When I take my shirt off I want the locals to pray to the thunder god!


Love it. You guys with this tren almost make me want to skip the deca and dive right in


And PIP is why I’m gonna run the Tren E I believe. At 200 a week to start.

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I’m actually feeling like I want some pip I want to feel soMe pain

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