New blast cycle

700mg a week suspension
450mg a week trenA
300mg eq a week
50mg proviron everyday
10mg nolva am and pm
1/2 aromosin every 3 days or as needed
4iu GH split 2iu in middle of night and 2iu 45 minutes before meal 1
20mg Pheraplex on training days 10mg non training days
Training every other day and cheat meal on 2 of those. Workouts are full body workouts tut (time under tension)



Damn brother i knew that you were big but you should be bringing home trophies atleast once a month.

That cycle is going to have you so ripped once the water comes off from the suspension.
Im no expert but I say drop the eq and add mast e or just atleast run bold cyp.

For those not familiar with pharaplex

Desoxymethyltestosterone is unusual in that it is structurally a 2-ene compound, lacking the 3-keto group present in almost all commercial AAS (with ethylestrenol being a notable and one of the few exceptions). This does not mean it is a weak compound, and clinical research has determined that it is a fairly potent oral agent.[2] Rat studies indicate that desoxymethyltestosterone has an anabolic effect 160% that of testosterone while being only 60% as androgenic, giving it a Q ratio of 6.5:1.[3] Because of this favorable ratio, experiments in orchiectomized rats have demonstrated that treatment with desoxymethyltestosterone resulted only in a stimulation of the weight of the levator ani muscle; the prostate and seminal vesicle weights remained unaffected leading the authors of one study to characterize desoxymethyltestosterone as a powerful AAS with attributes of a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and some indication of toxicity.[2]


Haha this suspension is kicking my ass I feel like shit but strength definitely going up and not much water weight. I need to see what this bold cyp is I’ve never run that. Coach wants to add another 25 pounds of lean mass. I add in cyp in a couple weeks. I’m ready to be done with suspension

Bold cyp is great stuff which is why we carry it! It is bold with the cypionate ester so the effects and results come quicker than that of the undecanoate ester. :muscle::+1:

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Hmmm that’s pretty awesome. I’ll look at your stuff thanks @Iron_Junkie_Labs

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Anytime brother
And just in case you didnt know we are having a promo you can check it out on my page, it ends today at midnight but if you put an order in before midnight you will be locked in to the promo

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Lookin awesome bro. Have you ran eq that low before? I feel like everyone always says minimum of 600, do you consider that a myth? What’s pheraplex?

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Yes I like to run 300-400mg. I’ve ran 600mg and honestly didn’t notice any difference. In all honesty over 600mg is a waste. Look @Bigmurph comment above he gave a great description of Pheraplex

Any guess on why the suspension has you feeling shitty? 1 pin per day I assume?

Ever have that test fever? That’s what I feel like.

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