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Hey guys I am a female and have started a new cycle currently on 5mg of winstrol, 5 mg of Anavar, and 25 mcg of Cytomel T3, I am running this cycle with Alpha North Labs and have heard good things about their products, I’ve started some elliptical training work and started to drink diet pop, other then that not to many changes, I’m weighing 130lbs and have lost a little bit of weight so far with my lifestyle changes and I am 5"5 and just turned 50, Alpha North has been great with shipping , service and speed of shipping has been nice too, when you order express, do you have any recommendations on if I should change anything I plan on running this cycle for 8 weeks and am only on day three, I have included some pictures , thanks for any help and I would recommend Alpha North Labs for anyone Top Notch Gear for sure!!




Welcome. Gonna be sexy at 50 eh!! You’ll get there. This is a great place for encouragement and also knowledge (harm reduction).

Have you done much research on T3. I heard it can really mess up your thyroid in certain situations or how different bodies respond to it.

Have you ever thought about HGH? My wife is on that now for about three months. She is gonna start frag 176-191 next week as well. This will help her metabolize fat.

Welcome aboard



I find it weird that 2 accounts join simultaneously and post for alpha north. Anyway welcome @TG


They do it all the time @Islandswole just not two at once


Welcome :white_flag:

Welcome to the board


Yes my name is Chris (MAGGYS bFRIEND) and I represent about half a dozen clients and I do their reviews for them sometimes because they don’t know how to use computer thank you very much!

that’s because the two of us are a couple and thank your for the welcome! :slight_smile:


Do you live in a very rural area? People not knowing how to use a computer boggles my mind in today’s society

Nudes or it’s not real!


It’s 2020, my Toddler niece can order pizza off my phone. Who doesn’t know how to use a computer? Or a phone? So he just admitted to making fake accounts for his clients to leave reviews? It’s all so confusing.

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I know someone like that. Look at dem dere stains @BigSwole69. Hahahaha yucks. I bet she doesn’t know how to use a computer. I can’t post the link ahhhh. Don’t think am allowed to yet. Epic pillow thing.

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@Rusty haha so damn gross! See dem stains there boy!

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Hahahahahaha. @BigSwole69 I’ll give you five dollars if you sleep with that pillow one night!!! No pillow cases allowed.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything so gross!!!

Sad part brother that’s how the others live so sick haha I bet it stinks and has a onion musk to it.

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