New cycle ideas, thanks!

Looking for some info on a new cycle. Throwing around ideas of

400 Test P - Split MWF
300 NPP - Split MWF
500 Primo - Split MWF
10 MG Aromasin MWF
Caber on hand

Dosage may increase after a couple week depending on cycle effectiveness.

Looking for any recommendations or a better balance, thanks!


I would pin prop eod at least.

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Why are you running npp with prop and primo? Just curious! I agree with @Andrew0409 prop
Should pin eod. Also how are you gauging your aromosin at 10mg? With this light of a cycle you could get away with adex eod .05mg. Won’t need caber


After trying just about every pinning method I could possibly find on the interwebs with different esters and schedules, I’m a firm believer that short esters (phenyl prop, ace, prop) should be pinned daily and longer esters (iso, enanthate, cypionate, decanoate) should be pinned EOD or E3D. Now this is based on blood tests along with the feels but I’ve had the best results with the least amount of sides and swings than any other methods out there. Opinion? Probably. But it’s been tried and true with a lot of us here as well


I’m with you, Ed for prop/ace for sure is best. EOD is also ok, but I think you need to pin eod for short esters.

Longer esters I think e3d is good enough. But also many seem to prefer eod. But I don’t notice much of a difference with eod and e3d.

If I may, I would just substitute anavar for primo.

To me it makes more sense, otherwise you’ll do a lot of pinning with primo at 100mg and pinning prop and npp eod. Just my opinion.

Anavar is the only oral I would recommend you possibly going 8-12 weeks at a mild dose of 40-50. May even get away with 60mg Ed for 12 weeks. I done 12 weeks with var at 60mg and my bloods came out fine. In comparison, 40mg of dbol and my blood work at 4 weeks is already saying back off.

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My theory on prop was just since I was pinning so close anyway and if something was to go wrong, I could quit quickly. Just my thought though, and not very often am I right, so I ask for better opinions. If that is the wrong theory, I can easily switch it up, that’s why I ask you all brother! I like the advice. I can pin EOD, that’s no big deal. And when I was looking at AI’s i was leaned toward Aromasin and I’ve liked it alot and had good luck from it. I can adjust dosage also, wasn’t really sure where to start man. I like any thoughts or opinions I can get from you all. They are all welcome and very appreciated!


what is the intended outcome for this cycle?

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