New cycle ,

New cycle ,

been along time for me. , at least close to 3 months off …i only run shorts. so this a long long time for me…
im going to be running tren a and prop.
i didnt see a cycle section. so. im posting here , excuse me if i missed. it.
i do a minium of 8 weeks possibly up to 10 weeks depending on my mood.
weeks 1 tren a @100 mg eod ,prop @50eod
week 2 - finish tren.a @100mg ed ,prop.@50ed
i may throw 50mg of prov. in per day. , but my last cycle i had to drop the prov. bp went thru the roof ,
im not e2 sensative , but i always got aro,caber. on hand. … ill keep all updated

Absolutely keep us posted! I will be following your cycle!

i know you will. , dam calm its been almost 3 months. , dam. i miss it. bad. it puts me in a differnt mind set. … stright beast mode. im comi g and hard.

I Know exactly how you feel brother! Do you remember the last Tren run I had? Lol. I remember yours😀. Make the most of versatility of the compound! You control it! It doesn’t control you! You bulking up aren’t you, Woden?

yes ,
clean bulk. very clean. you know im not big into counting marcos and shit. thats not.for me…but im not on stage … shit im almost dead i feel like a dinosaur. with this bussines .
i maintain 208. from 2 meals a day and working.
when i go back on. it will be my normal breakfast. 2 ggs over , sausage , hash browns and wheat toast. .
then i generally will hit a protein shot ,like 30 , and a light lunch. like chicken breast ,tuna (no bread) but fruit and a complex carb. thats lunch. and ill do the same every few hour a ton of water and protein shot cant eat in 90degree heat and on a paver or pouring crete i cant. … but dinner is usually ribs , steak , salmon. i love spinish , brockley ect. and small bowl rice. , then i pick all night everynight im up all night on or off tren. so i pick all night. greek yougurt. , i may pound down a spare big a piece of steak ect.
this works for me. ill go to like 12 to 14% and a very impressive 215 220.

I can’t imagine trying to consume alot of food working in the heat the way you do! I Know that you Know nothing beats whole food but we do what we must. I use an old school protein liquid by Twinlabs when I have to run errands after the gym and it may take me longer to get my next meal in. One serving has 15g protein…its thick and orange flavored. But is good stuff! The ladies at work are so perplexed by the number of meals i eat daily…they do not understand how necessary food is to sustain abd build muscle. I Know i should not find it amusing to watch them pull out their lunch bag and have 3 baby carrots and 3 pieces if celery with hummus…and are still the same size they wete a year ago–but i do🤔

i cant drink protein shakes they make me sick and tited i like whole foods. , but little portions every 2 or 3 hours. , and those protein shots are costly but dont bother me. …i cant eat once it gets extremely hot.

I can imagine those shots are pricey! See if it’s more cost effective to get the amino fuel. I called it anabolic fuel but its amino fuel.

nice ill look into it , how much protein.

15grams per serving

nice ill check it out.

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You know ill be following this Wøden :slight_smile: I cant remember if tren kills your appetite or not, it def kills mine. I get all my supp powders from Fraction of the price of preblended protein supplements. And, they always have promos running, helps keep the wallet from emptying out so quickly :slight_smile:

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