New guy saying hello

Been lurking and reading for a while so I figured I would introduce my self.I am 51 years old and just started my first cycle in 30 years.Started on June 20,bulking cycle of Test,Deca,Dbol.Going great up 10 pounds with very little water,feeling incredible just like when I was 21.UG muscle seems like a great board,happy to be here


Welcome and it is- you’ll like it here


what is your dose of deca

600 test e,400 deca per week,50 mg dbol per day.I pin the test and deca on Monday and Thursday

Welcome to the board.
It’s a great place with tons of helpful people.



Welcome bro. Great first cycle especially staying lean. Means your diet is on point.

I take half of that with results Are your results outstanding. Are you a big guy to need that much or are your goals to pack it on. I have also raised my protein intake to 120/day to feed my workouts. If I doubled my routine dose would my results show faster. I am looking to increase just need to know how fast to take it. Have not added dbol

The dbol is a great pre workout stimulant,I take 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg a half hour before my work out.I am 5’7 190 lbs. 10 or 11 % bf.I have had no side effects at all with my dosages.I take cabergoline .25 mg twice a week when I run Deca

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Yea I’m on anadrol and 3 weeks out from show. People like to think oh dbol and anadrol are only mass builders and make you fat. Lol

Oh ps no need to split orals up take all at same time.

I want to try Anadrol in my spring cycle but the dbol makes me feel incredible so it will be tough to not take it the first 4 weeks of my cycle

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Welcome brotha!

Lol love dbol. Wait till you try anadrol you’re really going to love it lol

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around. Hit me up anytime im always here to help

Thanks @Bigmurph,glad I found this board.Seems like a lot of great guys.

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You guys have been great. Where do I find the info on dbol. I take it is an oral supplement. Need help getting all I need to do done at the gym. Hope it will help.

Looking up dbol. Do you have a preference

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