New here learning more and more

New here learning more and more

Hey guys new to the forum. I’m 30 years old been in the gym about 4 years and decided to get on a cycle for the first time since high school. Cycle in high school I quit after 3 weeks didn’t know what I was doing. So I’ve been on the grind researching for about 6 months now and have an ok perspective on what I’m getting into but finding everything I need is proving to be difficult. This place seems quite legit so hopefully I can finally put together the puzzle of my first real cycle. Seems like I learn something new every time I look. Hope to continue learning from all of you here at UGM!


Welcome to the board.
Keep it simple.
Test only for a few cycles is my advice. Have everything ready before you start. AI and PCT.
Bloodwork before, during and after.
That’s the only way to know what your body is doing.

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Welcome bud make sure your protected run an ai and get bloods no matter what you do. Health is top priority!

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Welcome aboard brotha

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome aboard!! You’ll find a lot of good advice and experience.

Welcome to UGM. Remember less is more. Start slow and educate yourself. Lots of good experienced people here.

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