New here + My journey + First steroid cycle doubts

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to be here, I love this place. I’ve been looking for a community like this for a long time and I hope I get to fit in well. Now I’m going to talk about my stats and my journey so you get to know me better and maybe help anyone who’s looking for experiences like mine. Most importantly, I’d love to hear from you guys and get advise from whoever wants to help me with their knowledge. Also I’m from Spain, so I hope I’m expressing myself clearly enough for you guys.

Ok, here we go! I’m a 28 y.o. male, 1’82m (6 feet) and I’ve been training in gyms non-stop since I was 18. I was a fat kid, so I’ve always struggled with my appearance. When I turned 16 I bought a stationary bike and I started doing at-home-body-weight exercises and managed to lose 20kg (44 lbs). Two years later I started university and joined a gym. My main goal was to look fit and not to be fat. However, I wouldn’t say my issue with my appearance was body dysmorphia, because I never saw anything distorted in the mirror and I always ate in a healthy way.

Everything changed when I turned 25 and I started to crave a bigger and more muscled physique. I lost my fear of fat and learned that I had to eat a lot more in order to grow. I began to notice the way other guys were training in the gym and also the supplements they were taking and that caught my attention. I started researching and I was soon taking whey protein and creatine, and organizing my gym sessions with workout routines. I’ve always been a loner in terms of researching, so I never had a mentor or looked for one. It was hard for me to trust a random guy from the gym (back then), so instead I used to read a lot of online posts and watch youtube videos and formulated a general idea with all of them. In time, I went up to 77 kg (170 lbs). Please have in mind that I am not genetically predisposed to be thin and I try very hard to stay lean, so my diet consists only of white and red meat, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit and a 60g/day of whey protein. I don’t weigh my food, but I can say I eat at least every 3 hours a mix of carbs+veg+protein. I don’t eat sugar or fat ever, maybe a junk meal once/twice a month.

Last year I turned 27 and after months trying to get bigger I realized I reached natural limit at 77kg, so I started looking for a solution. I knew about steroids, but those felt so out of my league (I didn’t have a source). And then I found out about Sarms, something mild and apparently useful. I decided to run an 8 week LGD only cycle at 10mg/day and let me tell you… it was great. I went from 77 kg (170 lbs) to 81 kg (178lbs) and I lost a lot of fat (no cardio needed, just weights). Here are the before and after pics:

Feb 27 2021

Feb 27 2021

April 22 2021

April 22 2021

After the LGD cycle I ran a simple test booster as PCT for a month and only lost 1 kg (2 lbs) of gains. After that, I took MK677 for 8 weeks at 25mg/day and I went up to 84 kg (185 lbs), as you can see in the next pic:

I never had tests done, but I’d say that half of my gains from MK677 were due to water retention. Also, MK677 made me really hungry and I ate a lot of food all the time, so that made me feel very full and bloated. Anyway, I was really happy with my results with Sarms, so recently I decided to try out a MK2866+LGD+Rad stack from Hammer Labz for 8 weeks at 1 capsule/day (which in theory contained 25mg MK, 10mg LGD, 10mg Rad). I finished this cycle almost 2 months ago, with this look:

For sure I got more fit and dry, but I didn’t gain weight at all. Since this last cycle, I’ve stayed at 83kg (182 lbs) approx, which is great because it means I haven’t lost a lot of gains. But I feel like I’ve reached, yet again, some kind of “limit”. I feel like Sarms are not going to help me much more from now on, and that I need to explore the steroids path. Let me be clear. I’m not looking to get to 100kg (220 lbs), but I’d love to look bigger and muscly, maybe at 90kg (200lbs), which is very close from where I am right now. I think that I want what they call an “aesthetic” look.

As always, I’ve been researching for months now (that’s how I’ve found you guys :smiley:) and I’d love to hear your opinions/advise about this first test cycle I’ve been putting together:

*Week 1 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 2 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 3 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
**Week 4 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day) *
*Week 5 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 6 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 7 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 8 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day)
*Week 9 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day) + HCG (1,000 IUs - two 500 IU doses)
*Week 10 - T Enanthate (500 mg) + Proviron (50mg/day) +HCG (1,000 IUs - two 500 IU doses)

*Week 11 - Proviron (50mg/day) + HCG (1,000 IUs - two 500 IU doses)
*Week 12 - Proviron (50mg/day) + HCG (1,000 IUs - two 500 IU doses)
*Week 13 - Tamoxifen (Nolva) 40g
*Week 14 - Tamoxifen (Nolva) 40g
*Week 15 - Tamoxifen (Nolva) 20g
*Week 16 - Tamoxifen (Nolva) 20g

Regarding the estrogen issues I may have during this first test cycle, I have a few doubts. As you see, I haven’t listed any aromatase inhibitors in this cycle and it’s because I don’t know where to get one (I’d love to get help in this area). I’ve been told that a safe bet against estrogen would be to use Aromasin at 12,5mg/eod from week 1 to 12. Am I right? Anyway, here are some questions I have (if anyone can help I’d appreciate it very much):

  1. Should I be really worried about gyno during a first cycle of test at 500mg/week? (consider my age, 28, and that my natural test production would be almost a 100% recovered).
  2. Would it be powerful enough the proviron at 50mg/day during the cycle to counter the estrogen issues?
  3. If I had to fight back an excess of estrogen, could I use tamoxifen during the cycle? How should I dose it? For how long should I take it, till the end of the cycle or till my nipples are good?

Apart from this, I’d also like to ask you guys an extra question:

  1. Should I use an extra compound like Winstrol at the end of my cycle? I know test is gonna make me bigger, but I’d love to look aesthetic, fit (not super dry though, I’m not trying to compete). So, would you recommend using winstrol, at what dosage, for how long? Thank you!!

Sorry in advance for the length of this post and also for any misspelling or weird expressions you may have read :joy: Also, I hope I followed the guidelines of your community correctly and that you didn’t find anything I said offensive or dumb… it’s just my personal journey. Thank you everyone for reading and hopefully answering! :cowboy_hat_face:


I would not take an AI just to be taking one.
Everyone reacts differently.
So bloodwork before you start. So you know your natural levels.
Then bloodwork 4 weeks in the cycle. That will tell you how your body is reacting to the test. Then add an AI if needed.
Then bloodwork after your pct. then you will know if your body went back to “normal” levels and the pct worked.

I see nothing wrong with the cycle you planned out. But keep searching around on here and being involved with learning the way to do things right.

Can’t stress enough about bloodwork. It is the only way to know how you are reacting. And to true LT know your levels. You may even want blood work twice during cycle. Once at 4 weeks and again at 8 weeks. To see how things are working.

Test only first few cycles. Nothing else needed in my opinion.
Just my .02

- Ominous

If you want to run a cycle… go for it.

You openly stated you don’t weigh your food. Which means you have no idea how much you are eating. At 28… I would say eat 5000cals a day MINIMUM for a year and see where that gets you.


Welcome to UGM. Both @Ominous and @NeuroRN make excellent points


Agree with all of the above….test only….and counting what you eat with a unbiased painfully truthful macro count …. Labs labs labs

Keep us posted


Sure, I will keep you posted! Thanks man

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Thank you! Yes, they did!

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Hi man, thanks for the advice! Do you have any page where I can find a 5000 calories diet plan? Sounds like a lot hah :joy: Thank u!


Thank you! I think I’ll do a test only cycle as you suggest. I wanna see how my body reacts to it without any variables. Bloodwork wise, I see there’s no other way if i want to do it right :ok_hand: I’ll start looking for labs.


Count what you’re eating now and see where you’re at.

The internet will have a breakdown of everything you ingest. Write everything down for a week or two by meal…snacks…morsels.

Don’t cheat. Be brutally honest.

  1. Welcome!
  2. Bloodwork before (establish baseline), during (response), and after.
  3. “Less is More”
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Welcome im a hard gainer 2 gotta eat till your sick and come back and eat more

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Eat Monroe food but at 28 your right at the age I say is ok to start running shit

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Thanks, I guess I thought I could avoid bloodwork somehow… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info, really appreciate it! :ok_hand:

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No brother no joke… that’s literally a matter of standard operating procedure.

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I see… I guess I’ll have to start eating more! Thank you! Can’t wait to see results!

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Holy shit, I guess I’ll have to get down to work :pig: :pig:

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I accidentally flagged your posts. Please disregard.

Got it! With sarms I felt like I could manage… but I guess steroids are not for playing with. :upside_down_face:

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