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Hey everyone my name is Caleb. I am 23 years old 6 foot 4 and 225 lbs. I have about 4 years experience in training and dieting and supplements. I I am currently on my 4th cycle. I ran into a few issues that slowed me up like a bad back injury that held me up for over a year-and-a-half and this past year found out that I was natural Low T. So going to blast and cruise from now on it looks like. I am like I said new and still trying to figure out how to use this site to ask questions and such so if anyone notices anything that I did wrong or something that I can improve on when I post on hear just let me know. Right now I am looking for a little bit of information on the differences between deca, eq, and npp. I’ve done a lot of research and it asked many people but most people don’t really know much about NPP that I’ve talked to. Right now none of my local sources can get it and the place I was going to get npp got busted. Any info would be great…

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bro there other ways to get you natty levels up. , im rusty here but i believe dr can perscribe. clomed (or was it nov. i forget SOMEONE PLEASE CORRECT IF IM WRONG. …bro your young. and 4 cycles. ??? and blast and cruise .sorry i dont like it. …and i say these things because i honestly care if i didnt id say. do what ever …
but i would talk to a endo about other options on bring up levels. welcome and anything i can do let me know

Hey @BigC welcome to UG. First off for 24 you shouldn’t have low testosterone at all. I’d be curious to know what was your last cycle and when did you get tested? Was it during your cycle or after? If after how long after? You may just be crashed and if you used deca that can make your level test low also.

In basic terms NPP is deca without any the nasty side effects like water retention

Thank you very much for welcoming me and caring about my well-being I do understand all the bad that comes along with being on a blast and cruise at such a young age I really do. It sounds crazy but I’ve been off for over a year. My last cycle was a prop cycle with some dbol. Before my very first cycle I knew enough to get my labs done and my testosterone was low before ever touching steroids. So I did a couple cycles and it up having a bad back injury ended up recovering from that and then went on my last cycle which was about a year ago and when I came off for PCT my body went through hell and back. I ended up doing a Labs every five to six weeks throughout the year and my testosterone was still below average. My personal doctor had just kept putting me off another 5 weeks at a time and yes it is Clomid and hcg. We ran that it felt like forever and the most we got my testosterone up to was 344 free test was at a 3.1 or something close to that matter. I was feeling really s***** and it wasn’t getting any better so I talked to a specialty Doctor Who Knew more about this stuff than mine and he said I could start going to him but they don’t go through insurance so I’d have to pay out of pocket and when he told me the price it was nearly four times more than what I was spending and could even afford. So I just kind of took things into my own hands being so young I couldn’t find anyone to help without waiting another year. My cycles never contained more than two compounds. I don’t run things at crazy doses I’m not trying to be out of this world Humungous or strong just getting back to where I was. Sorry for the long message it’s a lot to try and explain. Long story short he did a couple blood tests on my uncle who also goes to him as a doctor and it’s looking like the low T is part of my families genetics

@PHD thanks for the welcoming as well and I got tested before I ever touched anything and got tested every 6 weeks into cycle as well as off. I haven’t touched Deca before which is why I was asking about it I was curious to hear of what people preferred from the three and why.

no dont worry about the long message. the main thing is your health .
sad to say i have seen where young guys. unfortantly get low test. , and from what your telling me and i know your sencere. …your right you may have to cruise. …i would consult a endo tho to make sure of dose. …needed. you should be around 1000ng at 24 imo.
so good luck and up and posted. ty.

@SIEGMUND thank you for the honesty and help. I have a endo’s cell number I’ll send him over a messege and make sure but pretty sure he said at my age he said 1000. Thanks again. Glad I found this site with people I can ask questions and people that are understanding.

this a no bashing site. , we are all here to help each other , with healh and our love (iron) and bashers and assholes will get escorted out. quickly… .
have a good day my friend …need anything ask. please.


Welcome to brother we have a solid group of src if you check out our verified src category.

I love running npp great compound quick to start working and definitely gives you great gains of course depending on the diet you eat.

You say that you are 23 you should probably put running any gear on hold im not going to tell you what to do but your hpta is still developing since you have already run multiple cycles you’re guaranteed to have low test. If you keep taking aas you will continue to damage your system and you will definitely be on trt your whole life.

What type of cycle set up do you usually run and how would you plan on taking the eq decca or npp if you did run a cycle?

Eq is extremely different than decca or npp
Eq is a dhb it will give you lean slow gains over an extended period of time which is good for certain goals.
What are your goals? What do you want to achieve from taking a cycle?

Decca is Nandrolone Decanoate it is a nor19 it is like eq in only one way it also has a really long ester attached meaning its going to take along time to start working.

Npp is Nandrolone phenylpropionate its the much faster acting version of decca.

Eq comes with some bad side effects it will thicken your blood so you will need to donate blood every 8 weeks it raises your red blood cell count.

Nandrolone comes with bad side effects also you will not only need an ai for your cycle but also a dopamine antagonist like caber or prami just Incase you have progesterone issues. This is especially true with decca because of the long ester once it starts decca will be in your system for a very extended time frame.
It only takes 100mgs of Nandrolone to shut down your hpta also and nor19 are harsh compounds that will have you shutdown for awhile. A very strong pct will be needed.

I do have to say that you should stop using gear get your testosterone natural levels back with clomiphene.
At your age whatever doctor put you on trt is destroying you unless you have already tried multiple times running clomiphene to get your natural levels back.

Good luck and good gains brother any questions hit me up anytime

I read your situation with low t if you have insurance call them and find an endo that will take your insurance.
Here at you won’t find any problems all you will get is the best solutions we as a community can give.
You should post your last blood work let us see everything going on there is more than just total test serum and free Testosterone.
I know that you said before you ran gear your test was low but now you definitely damaged your hpta. Its going to be expensive and suck pinning your whole life.
Wish you the best

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Thanks @Bigmurph. I will be sure to get the printouts of my latest blood work so I can show you guys everything that’s going on so we all can get a better understanding. And yes my doctor had me on months of Clomid and hcg and then we just randomly stopped saying we’re just going to wait it out and keep doing blood work every 6 weeks. Which is understandable I can see from his standpoint and everyone else is that I am very young to be needing testosterone but at the same time I feel horrible I lose a lot of muscle. I start getting depressed really bad and there’s just a whole lot of other stuff that goes along with it this is nearly a year after my cycle ended including doing PCT. The only reason now I’m really looking into doing my own trt is because here where I live unless I can get it through one of my small town doctors and get it prescribed then I’m not going to be able to use insurance to cover the cost and trust me I definitely tried my hardest. But after realizing that it could possibly be in my genetics since my uncle is also low testosterone and never knew it. I kind of just thought to myself that even though I have to pay in every week for the rest of my life it’s going to be worth it feeling halfway normal again and then maybe in my future when I do become older I can try and go through Insurance then it may be a little easier. Anyways what I was trying to gain on a cycle of deca or EQ or NPP was just some lean mass gains. I’m not sure if I stated before but all of my Cycles were run at really low Doses and my body responded crazy to those low doses. I wanted to get my weight back up to what it was before I went through this hectic year of trying to get my low T to come up. But I knew with Deca they would be some water weight but I didn’t know enough about EQ or NPP to say anything about it. I Tried reading some forums and stuff and I couldn’t really get much of an answer out of those. Basic goal is to get back up to my original size I was before I lost my look and wait over this past year. Once I’m back there I don’t really have much else I really want to do besides just maintain myself for another couple years until I want to blast again. Hopefully I’m answering all the questions you ask there’s a lot of questions in a lot of reading so sorry if I forget a couple things. But just to add I can’t explain how awesome this is to have people reaching out to me understanding my issue and trying to help me out the best that they can it’s really a good feeling to have people that understand and that are willing to guide you the best they can. So thank you for also reaching out to me.
Oh and to add I usually only run one to two compounds when I do Cycles I don’t like to get too complicated just because I’m still new I have a lot of learning to do but over this past year I’ve been doing a lot of research on all these different compounds and how they respond with my body and all the side effects and the difference is so I guess one good thing came from trying to do the right thing about my low T. Every cycle I’ve done I have ran a PCT and also a A1. Most of the time when I was running that I would usually have to cut the dose down or cut out at all because I don’t think any of my Cycles reached up over 600 mg a week

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Welcome to UGMuscle brother! :muscle:


Thanks @Iron_Junkie_Labs appreciate the warm welcome. I’m sure I’ll be messeging you sometime soon


Welcome bro

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Thank you @jokernaught9

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