New here

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Just stopped by to say what’s up. New to the board but not to the game. Always looking for good sources.

Glad to have you here at

Welcome bro

With the new layout, I am finding it difficult to view how old a post is. Regardless, hello and hope you enjoy the community here at UGMuscle. It is nice to welcome you @BigD.

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If you ever are experiencing any issues just shoot me a pm.
I will let @TrenGod know about the issue.
Thanks @escapewithniko

@escapewithniko was just referencing that in the old layout, our posts would reveal how many days ago the reply was created, even notifying us the year if it was posted in 2016. Don’t worry @Bigmurph, the way it is presented now is more professional because that additional piece of information is unnecessary. Individuals would rather identify that a response exists versus questioning why the last comment was dated back months ago. Keep it this way.

See, this is why I enjoy this site: mods are open about constant communication with their users, offer a variety of ways to reach them (email, PM, chat, posts), and integrate said critique in a timely manner. And because of this, this is why the site will excel. Just wanted to verbalize my appreciation to the mods. :+1:

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I agree that its a good way that it has been changed to but at we do want to hear all members ideas about the site and in the end me or mostly trengod will decide on the way.
We do welcome chages and ideas from members. You guys can always write me with any ideas or concerns

Thanks brother its appreciated

So, @eternick170, that means that if you have a concern that you would like to verbalize to the mods, just send them a PM. If anyone one else posts in this thread regarding taking the initiative to point out layout issues, then I will go ahead and make a new thread in the General section.

That sounds like a good idea. Then we could have a place to communicate thoroughly about the short comings of the site on a thread that doesn’t take away from this intro thread. Like we seem to be doing at the moment lol.

Welcome @BigD!!


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