New man looking for help

Hello new to site let me say I like it.l want to run my first cycle and do it right . 43 6’ 170 . I know test only 500 a week 12_15 weeks , arimidex .25 if sides start but should I have anything else on hand just in case? My diet is right as is workout.from reading this site I know yous will help me and not stear me wrong waiting on blood work will share as soon as it gets here .oh yeh I’m pretty dumb about technology been away a little while .


Welcome aboard!

Welcome brother! A lot of educated people here!

Welcome! Glad to see the blood work is top of mind. That helps tremendously!

Only thing i would have for a rainy day would be nolvadex im case estrogen sides take a toll for the worse in the gyno area. Other than that you are cleared to go.

Again welcome and if i can help please let me know.


WELCOME :grinning:

You definitely want to have your PCT on hand

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Clomid, nolvadex, HCG or kiss-10. PCT


@Dmomuchole mmmm that kiss is fire. I’m adding more throughout my next cycle.

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Me to brotha, I honestly think it’s better then HCG

Welcome aboard!

Welcome are you on trt cause that would change needing a pct or not

Oddly enough yeah! I really agree! I’m excited to pull bloods next week.

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Not on trt

You guys are very helpful I’ll have alot more questions soon thanks

Welcome brother

Then you will need hcg nolva clomid for pct

Welcome home

Welcome to UG


Welcome to the board!

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