New member intro from fractured hip to powerlifter

Hello, I am 20 years old 6’2" about 250lbs. Have done two gear cycles and cruised in between. First was test e 250 with 20mg dbol 1-4, 50mg dbol 10-12 for 1st powerlifting meet. 2nd cycle was test 750 deca 300mg, I liked that cycle. Started because I was an Enhanced Athlete fan boy taking there sarms for HS football. Then I fractured my hip my senior year and was in a wheelchair for 2 months. Used a lot of mk-677 that seemed to make healing faster. Now I am a powerlifter my current total is about 1600, but finishing cycle at end of month. Attempting 675lbs squat in wraps tomorrow. Thank you for reading and this site has taught me a lot. Also I am in pre-physcial therapy school.


Welcome brother glad to have yeah!

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Welcome I’m sure you’ll fit right in around here.



Welcome, I’m a 40 year old retired power lifter with a fake hip. I competed for almost 20 years ranging from 198, 220 and 242 weight class.

Welcome this is the place to be!


I just have a pin in my hip, glad it wasn’t replaced. Best of luck

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Welcome wish I started my pl journey at that age

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Welcome to UGM, Brotha!

Welcome bro. That’s a lot of weight especially for a 20 year old. Keep it up brother!!! This place will keep
You safe if your willing to follow the advice given. Stick with us.

I was arou c 1400 at that age but it was power clean not dl pre shoulder I was just below 1700 with my squat going up quick. Hope by end of deca cycle I’ll be at 1900

Holy crap!!! You some strong ass mofos here!!!

I mean 500 bench 500 squat almost 700 on dl. Squat will easily get to 600 in next year dl maybe around 760 and bench honestly just want healthy shoulder if we can get to 550 next year that would be great


You bench more than I can deadlift. Shit you deadlift more than I can squat and deadlift combined. You work your ass off too. Keep it up you’ll get there bro!!!

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I need to lesson Rec life and tighten up on lifting



Welcome to ugmuscle brother sorry for the late welcome almost missed it look forward to seeing you around

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