New member intro in the PNW

Hey guys, new member and wanted to introduce myself. Been lurking here and there on the forums so figured it time to participate. I don’t have much knowledge to contribute, but hey gotta start somewhere.

Fitness has always been a struggle. Have been working in HVAC my entire life. Always on the road early, fast food, working late, too tired to exercise. Got into management and starting focusing on health. Got bloodwork done and had very low T, 250 (27 years old). Since starting TRT it’s dramatically improved my day to day well being and got me back into fitness. Only a few months in. Started to 250lbs down to 230. Just taking it slow, I’m in no rush. Push,pull,leg split 2x a week and maybe 20-30 min of cardio after weights.

Recently ordered from a sponsor, just some Test C. Don’t plan on using it for a while as I’m just riding a long on my TRT and just focusing on weight loss, getting blood pressure in check before giving it my first true go.

Anyway, glad to be here and part of the community! Great to have a welcoming resource to go to!


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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Welcome to the board

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome @PNWmuscle it sounds like your being smart about this, with the weight loss aspect and BP issues.And everyone here plays a part, new, old, all can contribute. Don’t hesitate to ask questions there is a plethora of knowledge, you don’t even need another forum.


Appreciate it :+1:

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Welcome! I love your plan and they way you are going about a healthy life change. We’re here to help anyway we can!



Welcome to UGM!

Welcome. Glad to see another brother!!! Another Tradesman too!!

Welcome Aboard brother

Glad to have you


Welcome my man

Welcome aboard

Welcome big nasty! Glad to have ya.

Welcome amd glad to have you.

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