I am 27 yrs old, and can honestly say that 2020 was the year i got myself BACK into shape. I am currently sitting at 205lbs, 5ft10in, and i would say between 12-15% BF. However, i do not have BF currently measured, strictly an honest estimate. I am currently enhanced, cruising on 400mg of Test and have been for the last 3 months. I typically tend to stay on the lower dosages, meaning a “blast cycle” for me is 600mg of test/week with 60mg of anavar daily, and my body loves it. I rarely find myself wanting to add more chems, because i can get into excellent shape with that alone. assuming i keep my diet tight. LOOKING FORWARD to learning and communicating with you all! I will share my 2021 goals in a seperate post and hopefully get some feedback


Cruise high blast low interesting thought process I’m going to be way opposite also welcome to the community



Don’t know if I’d call 400mg a week a cruise haha. Have you tried a lower cruise? Typically would be good to be low enough where no ai is needed and your other markers can come I do a normal range. Typically I see most guys now cruise between 100-160mg a week.

Have you done bloodwork recently?

Your blast is on point though, I love test/anavar



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How long have you been cruising n blasting(what age)? Do you always cruise at those levels? Just curious.

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Looks like you are doing good brother glad to have you at ugmuscle.
Im BIGMURPH if you ever need anything just hit me up by tagging me into the post by typing @Bigmurph

Welcome brother

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I was a natural lifter until january 2020. I’ve been on for about a year now, and I have never had any bloodwork done. I’ve always felt fine, never had any estrogenic side effects, but i have absolutely no idea what my real numbers are. This is pure negligence on my part, because i know you can go online and pay for your own bloodtests.

Its also probably interesting to note that the only thing i use for AI, is DIM (dindolylmethane). During both a blast and cruise cycle. I have aromasin, nolvadex, arimidex on hand at all times but ive never felt like i needed to use them, and also to avoid crashing my E2 levels. However, the DIM, i use on a daily basis regardless of blast or cruise. and ive never had any noticeable estrogenic side effects at any time.


@Bigmurph just posted a great deal on self blood labs.

ive only been “on” for about a year now. currently 27 yrs old, started at 26 yrs old. during the entire year, ive gone down as low as 350/week test, but that was only for a month. ive done two 12 week “blast” cycles. FIRST ONE, consisting of 600mg test per week and 60 mgs anavar. SECOND ONE, 600 mg test/week with 50mg Turinabol. in between those two blast cycles, i usually cruise at 400mg/week lolll, yes i know im on the higher side for a cruise


You really never came off cycle man


thank you @Bigmurph, glad to be welcomed into the community

Are training for something in particular?

Welcome buddy. Glad to have you hear. This is the greatest resource you can have on the shelf. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.

Use the search function, I can Almost promise someone has had at least a similar question at some point!


yup no disputing that! I had a great year in the gym though, and made some very good progress. Overall im happy with how it turned out, but yes i recognize that for health reasons i should definitely do a real cruise for atleast 12 weeks. What would you recommend?

I cursed at 200 and I run high doses I’m sure you’ll find if you cruise lower the blast will be more effective he’ll at your age I would try a real pct and be off gear for awhile to get the best out of cycles till body doesn’t rebound

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I just wrote about it this morning

Let us know what you think also you can use the online websites there’s alot of those also so that you can get blood work and its really easy you just have to go to the lab.


Thank you @NeuroRN , happy to be a new member :muscle:

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This stuff sounds like it has bad side effects what do you think do you take it for AI or do you take it for something else but it works for AI?

I am not a competitive bodybuilder, just someone who enjoys being in good shape at all times. I’ve been working out since the age of 15 for sports, and then gradually it just became a part of my daily life and ive never stopped.

I set individual goals for myself throughout the year, whether i want to cut 10lbs, or add 15 pounds of mass during the bulking months. Or even as simple as going on a beach vacation, and i use that as my “show date” . Right now, I am looking to begin a nice 3 month bulk starting in Feb


Welcome aboard

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