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Hello everyone. I just signed up on UGMuscle and thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I have been lifting for a total of 5 years now, the last 3 years lifting seriously. I’ve suffered from being overweight since i can remember, and because of that i decided to start working out. Long story short i lost 30lbs of fat and gained 30lbs of muscle from my 2nd to 4th year following a powerlifting style training regimen, and counting macros. In the beginning of my 5th year training i ran a SD, T3, Clen cycle with decent results, no bad sides, and my bloodwork was decent. My PCT went well, although the fat rebound put on an extra 15lbs of fat on and i lost a ton of muscle. I then had a serious knee injury that has put me on standby for the past 7 months where i have lost half of my gains, and although i reduced calorie intake a lot i put on even more fat. I got up to 30%bf looking like a stuffed turkey lol Good news is that the past month i have started working out again after finishing rehab. I have decided to transition to a more bodybuilding style workout regimen also, and so far my strength and gains are coming back slowly.
For the past 4 years i have been researching all i can on AAS, and i have had the help of family members who work in the medical field. Ive read william llewellyn’s anabolics a few times over, always comparing and contrasting with available medical studies. After much thought, I have made up my mind i want to run my first cycle which i have decided will be VERY conservative. And even though i have read a lot, i know that years of experience are very important in the world of AAS. For this reason i joined this forum so that i could hopefully learn all i could about this. I am currently on no meds, supps or PEDs other than good old Vit D3 :joy:
Thanks for your time,


Welcome to UGM brotha!


Welcome to ugm glad to have you around


Welcome to the gains

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Thank you @Bigmurph

Much appreciated @Mrbell87


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@Fitraver Thanks man!

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