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I my a new menber here to UGM. Ive checked out some other boards and thought you guys seemed welcoming to a newbie to these forums compared to other boards. Been wanting to do an introduction but didn’t want to be ridiculed for being new and with the encouragement @Bigmurph i thought I might as well jump on in. I’m 39 years of age but with the grace of the good Lord and taking care of myself I am still fortunate enough to still look in my 20’s. I joined to gain knowledge and educate myself and ive dome alot of that reading various topics over the past few weeks. Ive always been a smaller guy by genetics. Currently 125 & my highest weight being back in my mid 20’s with a small 10 week cycle of test e with no AI as i didn’t kno the proper pct protical at the time. Thankfully. I had no major negative sides. Im really looking forward to being part of this board/forum and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. As Im planning on starting a new cycle this upcoming week. Thank you all kindly for the invite & I hope I posted this right and in the right thread and topic. Also would like to metion aside from weight training, boxing is a big part of my regimen.

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Im really happy that you wrote an introduction and I want everyone to know that at were a family. We will never bash you for asking a question or about anything that you post we encourage questions and posts because were all here to help each other with anything.
The other forums are hard to get into without a bunch of guys telling you that you are wrong and you have no buisness being here.
I believe that this is ridiculous because thats what the forums are for to help each other educate ourselves . No one knows everything I learn new things all the time.

Welcome to ugm brother glad to have you around hit me up anytime im here to help and so is everyone else. You’re in the right place.

I would like to hear what you have in mind for your next cycle and I would be happy to help.

Sorry, would like to add what that highest weight total was and that was 137. Hoping to increase that to 140-145 up from the current 125-128lb range witch seems to be impossible with such a high metabolism, even consuming high caloric and protein intake. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

As far as sources I’ve got a few in mind…a couple I’ve found here that really seem gtg. A couple I’ve found in other research tjst ive done over the past 2-3 months of reseaching elsewhere. The 2 ive found here Im leaning towards bc I’ve read nothing but positive things. (Not sure if its okay to announce that info)

The upcoming cycle i have in mind though I’m thinking (10 wks) Test E or C @ 500mg per wk split into 250mg 2× per wk & 20-30mg D-Bol ED. Just not sure in thats too much to start out and what would be the correct AI and mg to run with it and what frequency. @Bigmurph

The upcoming cycle i have in mind though I’m thinking (10 wks) Test E or C @ 500mg per wk split into 250mg 2× per wk & 20-30mg D-Bol ED. Just not sure in thats too much to start out and what would be the correct AI and mg to run with it and what frequency

Were uncensored here you can talk about anything srcs labs brand anything. I know im a member of another board and its frustrating trying to get an answer about a product or src because you can’t src or product talk openly here you can.
Even if you did post something against our rules I will just move or delete it and send you a pm just to let you know why. There will be no banning or punishment unless you were to bash someone for asking a question which I don’t think im going to have to worry about.
I believe that 90% of people just read the forums because there worried about posting.
Thats why we created so there could be a forum where none of that happens.

Im going to give you honest advice just like I would anyone else.

You should definitely choose a src from ugm because they will make any problems right it’s a requirement. I even contacted a src yesterday that sent counterfeit gear to a member and there not even part of the verified src at ugm and they are going to make sure that he gets what he paid for so if you go with a verified src at ugm I can always make things right outside of ugm only sometimes I can. The other forums just say sorry you got scammed not here I know most of the site owners and they respond to making things right when I get involved.

So besides a src which we can go back to later you weigh 120-130lbs how tall are you and what is your bf% this will help me alot building you a plan to reach your goals. At that weight you shouldn’t run any aas yet because it will shut you down and during pct you will lose almost everything and you won’t gain 40lbs of muscle.
So first step is your diet what do you normally eat everyday?
Hardgainers and fast metabolism are a false claims. You can have a harder time gaining weight but you still can naturally.
Tell me an example of your daily diet.

You’re cycle will only be as good as your diet so we need to get you bulking naturally until you reach the 170-180lb mark.

I can promise you that just by changing your diet in 6 months we can have you around that weight.

You’re cycle when the time comes I would recommend just test e or c at 500mgs split.
This will allow you to learn how you react to estrogens building up and how much of an AI you will need. Drop the dbol save it for your second cycle. I would suggest maybe proviron at 50mg split so that you won’t need alot of AI and you will free up more testosterone so it doesn’t aromatase so much and you will get more out of your testosterone.
I prefer aromasin myself but everyone is different and in the future when running dbol I would recommend aromasin but first cycle use arimidex at .05 eod and adjust as needed you might be able to even just run proviron and nolvadex 20mg a day and then when you get blood work done then adjust as needed.
I would buy pharma grade pct products and A pharma grade AI .
They’re very important compounds especially in your first run to use so you can make sure that you are understanding how your body is reacting.

I would even recommend pharma grade testosterone but there is so much counterfeit gear out there it might not be worth it and our srcs here are verified to only have the best quality. We have pharma grade verified srcs at that can provide real products.

Let me know your diet and we will start there.

Maybe I didn’t type that correctly. I am up to 125-128lbs. From 118 which i started to put that on early this summer. I haven’t been able to put much more on since towards the end of August. Im a kitchen manger I go in at 5:00 am so i lift early from around 3:00-4:15am (3-4) days a week, run 2 miles daily, then bag work (heavy bag)and other boxing gym work for about an hour after work in the afternoon. But im not looking to get to 170-180. Only looking to put on 20-25lbs. for now and see what the future holds after that. @Bigmurph

Cut out the cardio and up your fats and protein also carbs. Just lift hard and that will still keep you lean it sounds like you are burning all your cals and macros with all the cardio.


Welcome to the UGM fam.

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Thanks brother! I appreciate the welcome. Couldn’t be happier to be welcomed and a part of the family. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge learning from you fellas. @Islandswole @Bigmurph

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Welcome brother. I struggled my whole life with high metabolism. I was 6’2” 130 lbs for ever.

You will love this place. Everyone is always here and willing to help. Great srcs. Great people. No one will put you down. I been here a few months now I absolutely love it.

I enjoy it. The walking & running. I like to envolve my wife. Shes a stay at home mom, we have a 5 yr old son who just started kindergarten and she sees me motivated and driven and she wants to be a part of it. Shes a thinner woman but wants to gain a few lbs herself. But the walking and running I do is to get her motivated into being active and driven with her free extra time but because watching me makes her want to get toned up and in good physical condition. Not to mention my son likes exercising with me to and the boxing is to keep me sharpe and working other muscles and reactions times. Boxing is my true release…sorry for rambling fellas.


The thing I had to do to gain weight was a mass gainer. I could just take protein. I had to use a high calorie high protein mass gainer. That’s just me. I tried about 4 or 5 mass gainers finally found the right one. It takes awhile to find what your body likes. It’s a whole new lifestyle. It’s freaking amazing how much you will begin to love the gym and getting big. And staying big and healthy. I look in the mirror now and at 30 medically retired I’m actually happy to look in the mirror at all my hard work and progress. It’s not what everyone says oh take gear and you get huge easy. Hell no you gotta put in the work and it makes you feel accomplished.

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You’ll find out real quick we all ramble


You don’t have to apologize for anything we all go off the rails sometimes lol


, that’s so funny that you posted that right before I did we all go off the rails a little bit LOL

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I do have many protien shakes and mass gainer shakes throughout the day 1200 calories plus 120g of protein before breakfast then the same protien and calorie intake right before bed.

I’m only 24, but I also struggled with gaining weight for a while. I was stuck at 145 for years, it didn’t help that I was also a vegetarian. I started learning more about nutrition and proper weight training, fixed my diet and ate super clean. Added a mass gainer(ON Serious Mass) plus Creatine(createn) and within 6 months of doing so I was up to 188lbs and visibly leaner. About another 3-4 months in I was to 198lbs and still lean. At this point I’d completely fell in love with bodybuilding. Eventually made it up 210lbs naturally while being lean and absolutely loved it. About 4 years later I usually sit around 225 lean with the exception of this year that I took off from dieting and training. Lol I started rambling as well. With this being said, I’m ready to go back to be a vegetarian… god I felt so much better at all times!

Oh and I guess I should also add that I’m no longer natural and I have a few cycles under my belt.

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