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Hey everyone want you to welcome new member @DieselNPC he is a national level bodybuilder and is looking forward to interacting with everyone and helping spread some knowledge

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Hey guys… glad to be on here… I’ve been in the sport a while now and I’ve been growing my knowledge base since 1996… competing since 2002… I’m happy to share info on all topics and will be doing my best to stay very active… I find sharing good info allows everyone to benefit and we can grow as a community and as an industry when we offer quality info unlike a lot of crap that is floating around out there… anything I share is from my learning and real world application to myself and the few clients I work with… as well as what my friends and I test out… can’t share info if you never do it yourself so I’m always the guinea pog for many things and I’m happy to learn from it all… let’s all keep sharing and gaining … the more you know the more you grow!!!

@DieselNPCGlad to hear that you are hear brother you sound like a great addition to the forum hopefully I can learn somethings from you. I love knowledge so I hope you do some good write-ups. I will be following your posts. Hit me up anytime im not a competitor but I do put in work just not that hard because my real work holds me back.Glad to have you around

Welcome. Any diet info would be greatly appreciated.

Always appreciate someone bringing in real life experience versus the theoretical. Very welcomed here. I hope to demonstrate gratitude for this plethora of knowledge and begin soaking up the information that you provide.

Welcome! Glad to have you here!

I’ll reach out to @DieselNPC I don’t think he’s been on in a while. @Bigmurph @calmb4dastorm

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Shoot him a email invite

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I know him personally

That makes it a whole lot easier lol

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